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Has anyone by chance tried the DF with the AKG Q701?
Why am I enjoying the KSC75 soo much? I'm returning my K550 and A900X. Until I find headphones that blow me away, I'll use these wickedly impressive little things.    EDIT: I know what it is I'm loving about them: Fantastic separation and a surprising soundstage. Does anyone else get that? I guess that is what I am looking for in a headphone. So the Q701 is sounding more and more like an option. Anything with better separation and soundstage?
chicolom, have you by any chance compared the Q701 to the K550. I am currently in possession of the K550, but I feel like something is missing. 
Hey MickeyVee, How do you like the Etymotic HF3s? I'm considering a pair.   Thanks
  Thanks for your input. I have been curious about how the Q701's handle completely uncompetitive gameplay. The only competing I'll be doing is StarCraft which doesn't really benefit from directional queues. Also, how do you like the Etymotic HF3s? I'm considering getting a pair. Can IEM game? I currently have the ATH-A900X and feel that these would probably suit me better than the AD900 or AD700. I also have the AKG K550, but I don't have a gaming rig right now. Just music.
I can agree with tight bass being more important than boom, but the soundtrack has some epic drums that I can't help from feeling would benefit from cans with decent impact. I appreciate your advice, and for portability, I just ordered the KSC75, so I will try them out. If I'm convinced, I'll spend big bucks on a pair of cans, but they have to give me what I'm looking for in gaming and carry over to other purposes like music (acoustic/folk/classical/electronic) and...
In truth, the more I ask myself, I just want a headphone that will take me to Skyrim. I just want to go there and disappear... for a little while, at least. I don't want to feel like I'm wearing headphones.
MLE, would the D7000 still be at the top of your list for the best all-around can? I need a can for music (lots of acoustic, folk, some electronic), movies, and gaming(immersive, fun, insert you into the world gameplay).
So how does that affect the audio? It sounds like you're saying its has no affect, but I'm not sure. Are any other Mac user's seeing this? When you go into Audio MIDI Setup, can you adjust the bit rate or are you stuck on 2ch-24bit. I just want to make sure its not just my DF, because I've been jumping around a bunch of DACs lately, and I feel like I had the option the other day. I don't want to think I messed it up.
Thanks, I'll look into these. I'm seeing that I can only select 2ch 24bit integer with this DAC. I feel like this was not the case the other day. Am I imagining things? On mac OSX does this appear with 4 options on sample rate and only 2ch 24bit integer. My final question is whether listening to a 16 bit track in this mode will be a bad thing, or does 24 bit take care of 16 bit too?
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