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    It would not be my desire to use that headphone for portable use. The problem lies in a headphone that big, I would prefer open and not to use outside of the house. 
    I noticed this pricing situation. I found that at one point, these were priced at 160 on amazon. Will this ever happen again? Ugh... I was actually planning on getting the E10. Is this not powerful enough? 
    I do and don't. If I am going to use the headphones in the library I do. If I am going to take intense home listening and gaming seriously, then I don't. At the moment, its not that I am indecisive. It is that I have not been convinced one direction or the other. I don't know enough about headphones. From what I've heard, these are some pretty good sets at Best Buy. It comforts me to have them new. Other major points, which I listed, are the replacement plan and 18...
    I'll look into it. I know it is twice the price, but have you any knowledge of the AKG Q701? Of the larger headphones, these have grabbed my attention.
    I've heard both of these models. They have not been worn in at all, though. I felt more impressed with the ATH-A900X. I've heard great things about the AKG Q701. How do you think these models compare to the Q701?     I liked the ATH-A900X more but they were both poorly driven and brand new.    
    Yea... I've been very intrigued, but I've only noticed them mentioned for rock, dupstep, trance, and other heavy stuff while I listen to mostly acoustic and vocals. I hear their mids might be lacking for my purpose. I hope I find the right pair for me.
    Mentioning Goat Rodeo Sessions sure gets my attention, but I come from the Chris Thile point of view. Nonetheless, I will certainly be listening to these recordings. I hate to ask it this way, but what of these would you recommend, aside from the IEM, for listening to the Goat Rodeo Sessions? I have been avoiding EIM ever so slightly, but I have not disregarded them. I am becoming very interested in AKG Q701.    Also, I was quite seriously planning on ordering the HD...
    I'm considering it. The price is nice and I've heard they are pretty accurate. I'll have room in this case to grab a specific headphone setup for home. Aside from the etymotic, what would you pick for my needs? Can you give me a portable answer and a home use answer? I know... I demand a lot.       Thanks for the reply. I know... the discounts are killer, but we don't sell the EX600. I've heard fantastic things about the GR07, and if I choose to purchase outside of...
      I understand this. I also mentioned I might sacrifice portability for quality. Meaning I may not even purchase a set to take out. Maybe I should buy both an at home and on the go headphone.  
      Environment: I will be using the headphones at work, the university library, on walk to campus, and at home.    Use: I will be using the headphones for music, computer games, and an occasional movie. The ratio for music to games usage is nearly 50/50, but my main concern is with music. I care more about my audio experience with music than with computer games, but do not want to suffer terribly in my gaming experience.   Purpose: To provide the most...
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