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  Thanks for the breakdown. I have been recommend the K550 a lot lately. Portability aside, does it seem to suit my need for music and gaming? I find myself considering two things: -an all-in-one package as in a headphone that will be ideally used at home, but can be occasionally used on the go (K550 seems to fit this idea) -a very portable set and a very much keep at home set       Like mentioned above, I've got two directions to choose. In the all-in-one scenario, I...
    well shoot, im stumped now. hahaha so i should just go for it? how versatile are they? I am looking for a headphone for progressive bluegrass, acoustic music, and video games. will this headphone suit well to bring out the details of the instrumentation of a bluegrass group?
    So, seeing as I can get these brand new for $150, I should take that offer? 
Is this a commonly belief? I tried the Audio Technica ATH-A900 and thought they might have had a slight edge on the AKG K550, but they were both brand new and I only listened for a short while. Any thoughts? Sealed headphone for bluegrass and gaming (opposites, i know)?
    Based on certain recent conversations, I am leaning towards the AKG 550 like you first recommended. For the summer, I have no need for truly portable headphones, so these will do well as a slight mix between portable and stay at home (and isolate some of room mates noise).
What do you think?
    How do they perform with gaming?
    I appreciate your advice. I'm planning on listening for extended periods of time. I do not think I want EIM in my ear for too long.
    It would not be my desire to use that headphone for portable use. The problem lies in a headphone that big, I would prefer open and not to use outside of the house. 
    I noticed this pricing situation. I found that at one point, these were priced at 160 on amazon. Will this ever happen again? Ugh... I was actually planning on getting the E10. Is this not powerful enough? 
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