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    The K550 are close cans so they will isolate better than open.  Thanks for the advice about listing prices. It's better to be safe than sorry. I figured no one who comes to these forums would actually go to Best Buy for this gear. We overcharge.   
    For my music, are you referring to my first preference list or second? I listen mostly to acoustic instrumentation and vocals. If it suits this, I'll probably pick them up tomorrow. These have been the most commonly recommended headphones so far. As for gaming. I mainly play games that the soundtrack is very vital and wildly intriguing to me. I am about immersion to another world and soundtracks can set the theme. A little impact would be nice, but from what I am...
  Thanks for the breakdown. I have been recommend the K550 a lot lately. Portability aside, does it seem to suit my need for music and gaming? I find myself considering two things: -an all-in-one package as in a headphone that will be ideally used at home, but can be occasionally used on the go (K550 seems to fit this idea) -a very portable set and a very much keep at home set       Like mentioned above, I've got two directions to choose. In the all-in-one scenario, I...
    well shoot, im stumped now. hahaha so i should just go for it? how versatile are they? I am looking for a headphone for progressive bluegrass, acoustic music, and video games. will this headphone suit well to bring out the details of the instrumentation of a bluegrass group?
    So, seeing as I can get these brand new for $150, I should take that offer? 
Is this a commonly belief? I tried the Audio Technica ATH-A900 and thought they might have had a slight edge on the AKG K550, but they were both brand new and I only listened for a short while. Any thoughts? Sealed headphone for bluegrass and gaming (opposites, i know)?
    Based on certain recent conversations, I am leaning towards the AKG 550 like you first recommended. For the summer, I have no need for truly portable headphones, so these will do well as a slight mix between portable and stay at home (and isolate some of room mates noise).
What do you think?
    How do they perform with gaming?
    I appreciate your advice. I'm planning on listening for extended periods of time. I do not think I want EIM in my ear for too long.
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