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  This is important to me as well. I need vocal clarity. My experience is that the A900X had more bass and more forward, rich mids... This is why all the rage about the K550 makes me feel my experience was flawed.
I like to have an idea on how I would upgrade and get a taste of company sound signatures. I feel like I want to go K550 > W1000X > D7000 I liked the idea of closed headphones.   Also, I would like to see your full unbiased write up to see if my experience was with a faulty set and when I compare them again, I can see if I agree.
Do you have any opinions about the W1000X?
  Best ever? I am considering the D7000 as I can get them for less than $500. Wouldn't the denons be a winner?   I find the K550s to be quite attractive! Do you think they would benefit from my AudioEngine D1 (DAC)? I might pull the trigger on these over this summer.   How is the bass? I need bass not to fall behind. I am certainly not a basshead, but I like some crazy upright bass in bluegrass solos and video games with some impact.
  I've come across far more positive reviews for the K550s. The only people who knock them are discussing irrelevant comparisons. I really, REALLY want to like them. I am not sure if they were a bad pair or not. I value your opinion as you have spent time with both. Looking at my usage of the headphones posted above, which sound like the best fit to you?
  This is not my experience at all. Everything felt very distant on the K550. I attempted to analyze instruments and harmonies. They sounded muddy and conjoined. The A900X gave detail and separation and felt as though a veil had been lifted. What equipment are you using with these headphones? How often do head phones have faulty pairs? Do these need substantial burn in?
I truly appreciate the reply. I very much enjoyed these headphones next to the K550. My struggle is that the K550 is so highly reviewed and I want to know if forums will do me much good if I disagree so easily. There are so many headphones I will not have the option to audition, therefore I want to believe in the potential help that can be provided online. I am hoping that the reason the K550 is so highly reviewed is that the A900X is hard to get ahold of. It just seemed...
How do the D7000s perform with gaming? I will be playing The Elder Scrolls series, the Fallout series, Starcraft I & II, the Diablo series and maybe Bioshock, Borderlands, Guild Wars, Dead Space, and RAGE. The list of games probably doesn't help much, but how does the D7000 perform for computer games?    Gaming would be second to music, but I am still quite interested. I listen to mostly acoustic music such as Punch Brothers, The Frames, and The Civil Wars. I've not...
from what I've read, the w1000x may suit me... at half price... 
this may sound crazy, but i think im gonna try to grab the K550s to get some of what AKG has to offer. down the road i plan to buy the ATH-W1000X, and later the D7000. This should get me a variety of different signature sounds at a variety of levels. does anyone else think like this?
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