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  Well thats enjoyable, I'm sure! Did you chose these over the K550 because of price or performance?
  Thanks for the comparison! 
  I am quite interested to see some opinions on this. Post a comparison if you get the chance! I'm trying to make a decision between these two cans at this moment.
  This is interesting. The A900X did sound more involved. Maybe relative to the A900X, the K550 can benefit more with a proper amp. For me, the price of the K550 and A900X are the same.     I do not yet have either model. I have only listened to them on display in a Magnolia at Best Buy. The models have not been broken in at all as it is a new display and new product to Magnolia. I noticed a few aspects of this new setup that lead me to believe the installer was careless,...
  The point is that I may have listened to a defective model or haven't spent enough time with the model to experience it more fully. I'm new to this and hear great things about the K550. I love the look and overall design. If by chance I am able to experience more than what I have so far, then I would be quite delighted. Seeing as my observation is quite opposite about the K550, I feel there must be something wrong. If it is truly a step up from the A900X in audio...
  What is the content, DAC, and amplifier being used, again? I may just be too new to this, but I am hearing the opposite. The K550 feels somewhat lifeless and distant. Is it likely that I just have different tastes? Could you describe the K550 as dry or cold? The A900X sounds warmer, fuller in soundstage, more separation, better detail, and just feels smoother. I keep asking because I so badly want to like the K550 better. It is far more comfortable and attractive, and...
  I'd like to hear more from you as well. I look forward to reading your comparison. Make sure to share it with me; I'd greatly appreciate it. Are there any brief objective descriptions that you can share about the two? Characteristics that could be easily grasped from a few quick yet intimate sessions.
I've taken another listen and I am lost. I must be hearing a defective unit. Can someone having experienced both the A900X and the K550 explain to me in as great a detail as possible without bias what the characteristics of these models are?
Well, if the K550 is a good gaming headphone, I'll grab it. It's too dang sexy and comfortable. I would have liked to have experienced a tad more warmth in their flavor, though.
  Are you a K550 fan? If so, why?
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