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Here's a question: If I am looking for a desktop speaker setup to place at most an inch away from the wall, should I even be considering these? I am currently looking at the AudioEngine P4 for the front port and the N22, and I can get them at a great price. Does anyone know how the P4 & N22 combination compares to the Airmotiv?
lmao, I could have sworn you were going to use this comparison for praise of the DF. You'll see it all on these here forums
lmao... so whats so negative? and I am actually asking to set price aside and compare. at the same price which would you pick from the HD600, HD650, HD700
I'm thinking about getting the GTX680! It looks sick! Though my main game will be games like Skyrim with everything I can throw at it.
Well, I always forget to mention I am looking for immersive gameplay and not competitive. I also listen to plenty of music. I know these headphones are hugely different. I am considering them as stable mates. I heard them both today in a fairly noisy shop. I liked both. The W1000X had fairly exciting bass. I felt happy with the mids and most of the bass on the HD700s, but I am reading many complaints about their upper register. Hmmmm... I want to compare the Q701 to the...
Hypothetically, are they good headphones at $250? lol   and how do they compare to the Q701?
How might the HD700s perform for gaming and movies?
Anybody have any ideas about how the HD700 performs for gaming? I have an incredible opportunity to get these at a fantastic price. The other pair that I've come across a great deal for is the W1000X. If anyone has any clue as to how these might game, let me know. Thanks!
Has anyone by chance tried the DF with the AKG Q701?
Why am I enjoying the KSC75 soo much? I'm returning my K550 and A900X. Until I find headphones that blow me away, I'll use these wickedly impressive little things.    EDIT: I know what it is I'm loving about them: Fantastic separation and a surprising soundstage. Does anyone else get that? I guess that is what I am looking for in a headphone. So the Q701 is sounding more and more like an option. Anything with better separation and soundstage?
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