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My pair just arrived also. My initial impressions are good--definitely an upgrade from the 940's. I will post a more detailed review after break-in and more listening time.
What are some good driver/power tubes to pair with the 596? Other than the stock tubes, I've tried the Sophia and 596 rectifier's and a pair of 6EM7 driver tubes for my WA6-SE. I like both rectifiers, but the 6EM7's seem to take away from the sound quality. Not sure if there's something wrong with my pair of tubes or if it's just the sound in general that I don't like, but I've gone back to the stock driver tubes. I'd love to try some others.  
140 for the tube, 60 for the adapter
Btw, I figured I'd post a pic of my relatively new all-Woo setup...this is with stock tubes, I'm waiting till I get the 596's to take a pic with all the fancy tubes. In case anyone is wondering, the headphone stand is great also.   
I purchased a 596 from Jack today, he said he's got a few left. 
Thanks for the info about the tubes for the LCD-2. I'm trying to find a 596 rectifier now. I've already purchased and received the 6GL7 tubes + adapters from Jack. Are there any other tubes you guys would recommend to be used with the WA6-SE/LCD-2 pairing that I can try other than the 596/6GL7? The descriptions I've heard for the 596 sound great. I understand it may be hard to find but even if I do get one, I'm really looking forward to doing some more tube rolling so...
Hey, I was hoping someone here might be able to give me a good tip. I'm trying to find tubes for the WA6-SE that pair well with the LCD-2. I ordered the amp with the Sophia rectifier tube upgrade and the stock driver tubes (sylvania 6ew7). I'm finding that my HD600 sounds better than ever, but I'm not sure if this tube combination is the best for the LCD-2. What I'm hearing is a harsh treble mostly, especially when I turn the volume up. I'd like to find something that...
Price dropped from $150 to $125 in order to sell more quickly, these were $200 new
These are the Mayflower Electronics modification of the Fostex T50RP headphones. I purchased them new directly from Mayflower a few months ago and they have barely any hours on them. While they are very good, I am selling them simply because I recently purchased the Audeze LCD2's and I use them much more.    The headphones come with both the FA-003 earpads and the velour Shure 940 earpads. They also have the optional/removable Sennheiser headband piece attached for...
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