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Q701 for 150 euros over at French retailer (they mostly sell computer stuff, but are very reliable)
Don't be ridiculous.A lot of popular "sedentary" DAC/amps usually recommended here can be had for $400 or less : ODAC/O2, the cheaper Schit stuff, the Yulong, Audio-GD and Matrix series, the list goes on and on.You only need to skim this very thread to get pages of recommendations.
That'd depend on what you want and need.
Rockbox isn't hard to install if you follow the instructions, just make sure to have a firmware update at hand (from the sansa website), as you'll likely be asked for it. I'm not sure I've noticed much of a sonic improvement with Rockbox (my memory of sounds isn't very good), but there's a lot to be gained by it nonetheless : better battery use, quick database access, sophisticated EQ, crossfeed, and probably a bunch of other nifty features I'm forgetting. I've never found...
Atoll have a new DAC/amp/preamp, the HD100.It's not cheap (600 euros, I believe), but it's likely very good.
Thanks. Between that, the cable length and the headphones' apparent bulk, I'm not sure they'd be suited as they'd be getting mostly outdoors use.
I've been thinking of getting a pair of these for my partner, as they seem great, but how portable are they ?   The 2,5 meters cable is a concern.   Looking at pictures, I can tell that you can't fold them up. Can they still be stored safely in a handbag ?
What can I say ? It's possible that some batches or series have more problems than others, and that manufacturing has gone down hill since you fortunate clip owners have had them. Both of my clips were black, 8 gb players bought from I can't check the serial numbers, but that might have been insightful. Lastly, yes the 8gb player is 44 euros as I write. I'm not surprised they're cheaper in the US, as that is almost always the case. Sadly, I think
It's called objective tinnitus, you'll find plenty of information on Google or elsewhere. My own reading was done in French, might not be of much use to you.
And James was wondering whether his slight buzz was tinnitus. By way of your own post I was answering it's not. Once you start to suffer from tinnitus, you know it.
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