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Castleofargh's suggestion (cleaning the headphone jack and spinning it in the player) seems to have done the trick. Thanks for the help everyone.
 I'm sorry, I don't understand what you're referring to when you say "the HD25's cables plug into the capsules rather than the jack".
Thanks for the replies, guys.   I've used the NWZ pretty ginglerly. It's usually upside down in a pocket (ie the headphone jack is facing the pocket's opening, not its bottom), the rest of the time, it's sitting on a desk. It's made a couple of short sojourns in a bag, but doubt it suffered much strain during those times.   My HD-25s do have the right angle plug. How is that shape better suited than a straight plug ? Isn't it more likely to bend, and by bending put...
Hello all,   I bought a NWZ A-16 two months ago to replace a series of Sansa Clip +s who had all developped headphone jack problems when used with a Sennheiser HD-25.   I'm worried that the Sony player might be headed the same way as moving the headphone cable is now producing noise (it did not do so at the beginning).   Has anyone here encountered the same issue ? Is my HD-25 a DAP-eating monster ?   Help ! 
 Thanks, I see what you mean now. I'll take a look. That said, given I had the exact same hum or ringing sound with my brother's Rega 1 table when I tried it on my system, I suppose it's unlikely to be a bad connection ?
 Cartridge leads seem fine, but I'll give them a closer look. I'm not sure I understand that last bit, however : "on the bottom remove the cover under the tonearm and check those connections". Could you be more precise ?A quick glance shows nothing that's removable.
 Thing is, I'm liable to get my "hum" (if you listen to the video I posted, you'll notice that word might not be the best description) even when the TT is unplugged and the motor's not turning.
 I've picked up a ohmmeter. I'll check things out once I figure out how to get it working. No way I'm dismantling the tonearm however : way beyond my pathetic skills. I'd much rather send the thing back and seek out an alternative TT if I have to.
Hello all, A while back, I wrote about a hum problem that I had trouble with. Since I'm still suffering from it, I thought I'd post back. I've copied my first below, with my intial findings.   As suggested by Skylab, I looked at power conditionners, but found none that would make sense from a budget point of view (I paid 300 euros for the TT and can't justifiy paying that again for an accessory now, however useful it might be).   Since first posting, I've taken care...
I am, alas, woefully ignorant of electricity matters. I have no idea whether I live close to a powerline or not, and don't know how I could find this out either. Likewise, I don't know if my amp is properly grounded or not. I only know that its cord has a ground slot and that my surge protector has a ground plug that fits into it. While I do get some electronic noise and parasites when using the DAC at very high volume (not playing music), I haven't had the TT hum problem...
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