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I have an HTC Evo 4G LTE, and just got some Miles Davis Tribute. I'm powering it with a Fiio E5 (thinking about getting an E11) and it sounds really good. I also have a fuze and an Iriver H10. The Android sounds about as good. It definately sounds much better with good earphones.  
I just bought a pair of the refurbs. I hope I like them. I'm a little worried about the durability of these as well. Anybody that have had these for a long time that can comment on durability. I'm sure they will sound much better than what I have now(PL30's).
I've had some soundmagic pl30s that have lasted at least 2 years with lots of abuse. They are still going strong.
By accuracy I guess I mean A neutral sound. One that doesn't have a giant bass boost. I want it to sound how the musician recorded it to sound. I want a wide sound stage, good instrument separation, clear sound(not muddy), well balanced, more towards the analytical side. I don't want to have to amp them. And I'll add the Monster Miles Davis since they are having a screaming deal as well.  
I am trying to decide on some new IEM's. I want a very clear sounding IEM for my new HTC EVO 4g LTE. I listen to mostly rock. I want to spend about $100 US. I have narrowed it down to   Vsonic GR06   Brainwaves B2   Meelectronics A161p   Sure SE215   Sound is the most important thing to me, but if it is close I would like controls for my phone.   Currently I am leaning towards the B2's.   I know it is a personal choice, but I have not listened...
If you are gonna spend $79.99 plus tax for a 4 gb why not spent $84.95 with free shipping and no tax here SanDisk | Sansa Fuze 8GB MP3 Player (Silver) | SDMX14R-008GS-A57 for an 8 gb fuze.
Hi everyone. I am getting out of the Ipod thing. My 60gb photo ipod just died of disc corruption one month out of warrantee. I'll never own another ijunk. I'm triing to figure out the best format (mp3 or WMA) to get lots of music on and have good quality. I don't have stellar headphones. I use Grado sr60's, koss75, and I just picked up a pair of sure e2c's(not sure I'm going to keep them). I just want to start building my library while I'm waiting for the e280 to ship....
My 60gb photo died about 1 month after the warrantee expired. A $400 piece of equipment should last longer than 13 months. I'll never buy another ipod, and I'll never buy another hard drive based dap. I think I'm going to try a Sandisk Sansa e280.
And the deal is that when you use your discover card you earn 1% rewards. I have acummulated $120 in rewards. You can turn those in for certain vendors for double rewards. Sharper Image is one of those vendors. So for $120 in rewards I get $240 from discover for sharper image. The 60gb at sharper image is $399 (I believe thats retail). I figure I save $120 off that price because the $240 is only worth $120 paid on my bill. I use my discover to pay for everything and...
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