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I have only heard the stock version, but I must wait a couple of weeks when my the Equinox version arrives. Then I can give my a opinion.
I'm also on this run for the ZD. Planning on using it with the Beyerdynamic DT-880, Grado RS1 and GS-1000/Equinox.
Grado RS-1 (sn. 60XX)
My favorite amp with a 5.5 iMod is: 1) Mapletree Ear+ Hd 2) Xin Supermicro IV 3) Corda "MOVE"
(Sn.60xx) Grado RS-1
(srn. 12xx) Grado RS-1 with flatpads
Mapletree Ear+ HD----Grado RS-1 Corda Prehead MkII-----Beyerdynamic DT-880
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