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Grado GS-1000 / SAA Equinox
I love my GS-1000 with Equinox . Now they are 120+ hours burn in and I think it is better than a stock version. I'v heard only once a stock version, so my vote is ....
Maybe you should try the Mapletree . I use mine GS-1000/SAA Equinox with the Mapletree Ear+ HD. At a good tubes it is very enjoyable combination.
OK. Quote: Originally Posted by Blackmore Cool, let us know after 100 hours then And, you have to post some pics, cos we love them, o.k.
Quote: Originally Posted by Blackmore Oh, man, how do you like Equinox? Any impressions vs stock one I like these a lot. I heard stock version only once so I can't really tell no difference. I'v been burning in these about 24h now and time will tell how good these realy are.
Thanks the tube review Blackmore. My GS-1000/SAA Equinox arrived yesterday to me. My Mappletree Ear+HD works finely with a GS-1000 but I think the ZD is better. I'm in this run the Zana Deux so now I must wait..
Grado GS-1000/Equinox
Quote: Originally Posted by BobMajor Craig emailed by and said the run should be shipped around the end of June. Thanks! This is good news.
Quote: Originally Posted by nor_spoon Someone got any news about this ZD run they wanna share? I asked for Craig how long I must waiting the my Zana Deux and if he can adding on the same the shiny black face plate to my ordering. He don't answer to my first question but promise add the face plate to my order. This waiting is killing me..
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