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Quote: Originally Posted by twestby What's the VAT on that, I wonder ... I don't know how the duty attitude to that point. Perhaps recipient does not need to take a package, only to re-send the package to me, and I have to carry out the valued added tax.
Quote: Originally Posted by nor_spoon Yeah lol! Would be hard not opening the box. In fact the British guy has been sent to his own ZD yesterday, so he will received two ZDs.
My ZD shipped last Friday but unfortunately Craig made a small mistake and it went to the wrong address. It should have come into Finland, but it accidentally went to UK. We agreed with Craig that the recipient of the British to send it to me then when it finally arrives to him. So I have to wait a few extra days.
I have never seen information that the clear glass Tung-Sol 6SU7GTY. Dear Tubegurus who has information? PLS tell me what do you think? Here is a few more accurate photo:
This is my collection with Zana Deux: Here is three different variations of Tung-Sol 6SU7GTY And here is as you see pair of Metal Base Sylvania 6SL7W the seller told me that they are NOS/NIB. And also here is Mullard ECC35 Here is Westinghouse 5691 Redbase and pair of JAN CHS 6SL7GT VT-229 My ZD is now on board ship, and arrives in the next few days. Then I will get to test tubes and, perhaps, to make a small review.
GS-1000 / Equinox
Deped on what I listening, but now my list is: 1. Grado GS-1000 / Equinox 2. Grado RS-1 old version with the buttons 3. Grado RS-1 new version 4. Beyerdynamic DT-880
Quote: Originally Posted by Blackmore You may want to try some of the EU brands as well, try Mullards and Telefunkens. Thanks, but no thanks. Instead I must save my money the Zana Deux and its tube rolling
Quote: Originally Posted by Blackmore Which tubes are you using? My favourite tube is Sovtek 12AX7LSP and it's realy cheep. I have many NOS 5751 type tubes for example Raytheon CK, RCA triple mica black plates, GE 5 star triple mica black and grey plates and Gold Brands Sylvania triple mica black plate. But they works better with the RS-1. 12AX7 type tubes can give higher gain and it's better for GS-1000.
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