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I finally got Zana Deux the serial number is 66. This seems really good, I'm able to wait for such a large difference in sound when compared to Mapletree Ear+HD. Sounds like all the bigger distinction also there is resolution is a much more. Knock of drums are really genuine hearing. I can hear before the outside of things which the record what I have now listened to. Placed as soon as metal based Sylvania 6SL7W tube. I have not yet try to the other tubes.I would like...
Not yet, but it has already been sent to me from UK. So it arrives in the next few days for me.
Quote: Originally Posted by nor_spoon I will do that. You bid on the black base? You have one brown, short base already don't you? Yes. I bid the black base too. The price was high, but that a mixture of currencies explain the price. I have already one brown, short base.
Quote: Originally Posted by nor_spoon 1x Mullard ECC35 black base: Lol! I payed a bit more than I was supposed to for this tube. Did not notice it was GBP instead of USD hehe.. Looking forward to finally hear these tubes. Congratulations!!!! I was so close to winning that. But hey, good that it went to Zana Deux owner You must tell the good loser how it works.. then when it arrive
I looked closely my Brimar 6SL7GTY into the tubes, and noticed that the second tube D-getter is a piece of melted away. I looked my NU 6SL7GT and there was the same story. Negative impact on it? My ZD has not yet been received so I am not able to try them. And photos of course..
Quote: Originally Posted by David Pritchard Could you tell us the source of the Chelmers? I have not seen them come up for sale on E-Bay. But maybe I was having a Zana Deux nervana listening moment and not focussing on the computer screen. I found my own E-bay. The price would be ~20.
Quote: Originally Posted by nor_spoon I have been on the outlook for the 6D22S, but I am a bit vary to get from other than the man himself, because I have no chance to test them, and they need to be matched. Really. I don't take this into consideration when the purchase of those, and I do not have the tubetester.
An increase of the tube colection, but there is still does not amplifier which put them .. One pair Brimar CV1985 6SL7GTY year 55/56 Chelmer Valve ECC35. I have not found the information on this tube. If someone to know something about these. PLS tell.. but they were so cheap that I took them .. Pair of RCA JAN-CRC 6SL7GT Smoke Glass date code 3-39 Ex-USSR Svetlana 6D22S. Date code III/74
Scandinavia is part of Europe
ARRGH! The Zana Deux pictures makes me crazy. It is so slinky
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