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Can the ZD use of the tube conversion sockets, such as those in which you can use the 12AX7 tubes instead 6SL7? This kind of:
Quote: Originally Posted by mrarroyo Everything has gone up! Some more than others. The Zana I listen too was a very nice unit, two things held me back. First and most importantly I did not have the space to put it in. Secondly and less of an issue is the amount of heat it puts out. If you get one you will be very happy. I am a happy owner of the ZD. Besides, here in Finland is cold and dark so we need heat, light and good-sounding music...
Quote: Originally Posted by sacd lover First, the Zana Deux is now $2500. Wow. I wonder what improvements are made? When the price has risen a lot.
recstar24 I noticed you had the ZD and the Meridian 508.24. Can you tell your experience? PLS.
If anyone has experienced, so would be nice to hear the ideas the ZD and the Meridiana 508.24 common life. Because that combination is probably soon be here. My Zana Deux is now a dumb, fuse burned time after time, fortunately, Craig has been very helpful and he advised me to test the power supply. the problem was found, and now it is on the road for repair.
Quote: Originally Posted by zer010gic So has anyone used this guy as a Pre-Amp yet and if so how is it preforming? mulveling. He has a lot of experience Maybe I don't like modern hifi... - Club Polk
Quote: Originally Posted by Karo Sture was right ....... the drums (and the piano) are very real. Please welcome #76 ... I want to thank everyone here. This is exquisite. Congratulations, Karo . You finally get it. And I have to be increased. All the players are very real. Not only the drums and the piano ...
I really spent a lot of time with the ZD. The GS-1000 are the best of what I have tested in my own headphones. Soundstage is broad and it is unfolding nicely around my head the weights on the front side. Separation ability and the players raised the facilitation is the best for what I've heard, I can easily pick up the different players there. I like most in middle region there is a suitably air and also there is so much life. The low sounds are kept well together, bass...
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GS-1000/SAA Equinox
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