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Great !! Do you know how other European countries?
I have a Meridian 508.24. Retail price is 3,495 $
Today I got back to Meridian 508.24. It was at the factory for repairs and dependents. And now it will sound like a dream.
I have a Mapletree Ear + HD: Two Jan 12b4a and one a Telefunken ECC 83 And also I have a Eddie Current Zana Deux and there is: Two Svetlana 6D22S rectifiers, two Svetlana 6C33C-B's and One a Sylvania 6SL7W Metal Base Tall Bottle Silver Top.
Quote: Originally Posted by Skylab I got ONE Sylvania metal-base 6SL7W for $10 recently that is in terrific condition and tests as new. Problem is - I can't really use it - I only use 6SL7's in my phono preamp, and it needs a pair. So I am stuck searching for a second... Congratulations on your wonderful finding. It was a very cheap. I paid a pair of the NIB 6SL7W so much that I did not even dare to tell you. Hopefully you can find it, but if...
I have those and I think the MAD Ear + HD and the RS-1 combination of slightly better than ZD and RS-1. Perhaps it is due to the fact that I have a different listening locations where the devices are located at my house. But when I set the GS-1000 to my ears of profit taking so clearly Zana Deux that I don't miss the RS-1. So they have received the place beside the MAD Ear + HD in my bedroom set.
What do you guys think about this? : Adapter ECC82 TO 6SN7 5751 TO 6SL7 tubes SUB - eBay (item 250333628792 end time Dec-28-08 03:52:14 PST) Can I use this adapters with the Zana Deux? Because I have a few the 5751 tubes and it would be interesting to hear how they sound with Zana.
If anyone of to you find the Metal Base Sylvania 6SL7W you should take it. It is a rare but sometimes you see them in Ebay. You will not be disappointed in it because it is so good. I have now 16 different brand of the tube to ZD, and 6SL7W is my all time favorite all of those.
Grado GS-1000 Grado RS-1 Beyerdynamic DT-880
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