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should i format my internal and external? and if so using which software and what allocation size? thanks
none of my flacs show up if i convert them to mp3 they show up
actualy i found out NONE of my flacs show up
nothing Flac shows mp3 does but not Flac IM ON 1.14 firmware i tried internal and external storage
2 albums, Bad Company Bad Company and Aerosmith Devils got a new disguise in flac they do NOT show even on internal storage BUT if i convert them to mp3 same file just converted then they show up WTF? what can i re-convert them to flac with? i tryed with db power amp but not sure what setting or if i should use another program..... play from media monkey on pc...EDIT seems NOTHING flac plays on my Plenue im on latest firmware what do i do?
well you guys were alot of help i bought the Plenue D
ok so i got my  D, where can i get latest firmware? and how do i update it? says im on 1.11 thanks
W10 blows dogs
100%??? i know even the best amps will start to distort a little if you go to 100%
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