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only the beta version of Poweramp works and you have  modify your build prop and be rooted
DP-X1_0.1.37.8_VTX_Lite   thats 1 i have there is a  newer one? if so where is that 1 thanks
are both newer then whats in the vtxlite rom?
whats RIP?
faster and better battery life stripped of apps you can add back if need be
where can i get latest pioneer music player apk? im using this rom XVortex’s custom Pioneer/Onkyo rom DP-X1_0.1.37.8_VTX_Lite firmware and i heard there is a newer music apk?
you must have gotten a first gen one, because i know a few people with the newer ones and their is no jack issue
does Viper sound good with regular power amp or just the beta?
i have viper installed "A" how do i turn it on or off if i decide i dont like it "B"how do i set it up and does it sound better then without it? thanks for replys
ok i got fastboot running and  can boot into recovery but how do i PERMANTLY flash recovery so i will have the twrp recovery?
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