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anyone? id trade a Fiio X5 V1 for it
http://xbehome.com/leo5111/X5FW2.7.zip   from my server here ya go
well i have the rock setting, but trying to push bass more this player seems bass lite compared to my plenue D
im a NEWB when it comes to EQ so i dont even know what those are i would just set the eq to rock and play my music
if i can use EQ with line-out what is setting to give more bass?
    Fiio X5 V1 140 SHIPPED...looks flawless to me..works fine...i have the box and the rubber body glove it came with as well, pretty much anything it came with....last price drop any lower and ill just keep it
does eq work through line-out? or is it just the amp,s sound you connected to?
i had a Fiio X1 i liked the line out but i figured there was better so im buying the Fiio x5 V1
what  MW is Line-Out? the X1 for example says 100 MW Line-Out
well even a 99 buck fiio x1 has a headphone jack-line out option so a 200 buck device not to have it is BS
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