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i have the X1 is this a step up features and sound wise?
i have the x1, is the x3 a step up features and sound wise or no?
Bump-ity Bump
does it do album art? what i mean is my  x1 when playing a album it shows name of song and album picture as backround?
my Fiio  X1, if i understand correctly puts out 100MW even when set to line out, so for the X3, does it put out a 250MW line out or what?
question i didnt see in the x1 thread does this show album art when playing the song like the Fiio x1?
then why does it say fixed volume setting? it was on 33 i moved it up to 60 is that going to make the line out louder?
i see says fixed volume setting, is that for line out? meaning higher i set it the louder line-out is? also if it is how high can i set it?, because im using line out so thats why im asking
Cayan C5, besides the  power differnce between it and the Fiio E12 is it warmer then the E12 or what? and is it a clear sounding amp whether its a warmish amp or neutrual, i mean is sound clean hiss free?
pm you now? or in 2 weeks?.
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