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no idea im checking aroud myself
as of right now only the beta version of Power amp uses the Pioneers Dac, which you have to root to use its  a few pages back
which has better sound and what is MW output of the JDS Labs c5??
how do i root this? id like to freeze everything but the audio player basicly
how does this amp compare to the Cayin C5?
its sold and person has recieved it so thread closed
also anyone who has rooted this let me know, i want to freeze everything but music related on it
i see eq option when i flip sqitch but it just says flat can it be changed to rock? or other presets...all in all im happy this CRAPS on my Fiio X5 sound wise BIG TIME   
does eq work with line out?
did you do factory reset? if so then maybe your battery is going south
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