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question im using  a fiio a3, is that strong enough for the m-audio q40? i turn fiio X1 to like 75 vollume then crank the fiio a3 and certain songs still have to go to  6 or 7 using high gain, so wondering if i need the Fio e12?
i did
seems to be anything with GREATEST HITS in the name
well i like using the rock eq setting
if i connect my a3 and have the fiio x1 set to regular headphone out how high can i set it to before there will be some distortion? trying to find optimum setting with my a3
i applied the changes, trying to get it to show up in albums Pat Benatars Greatest Hits it wont do it shows up as pat benatar under artist you click on it and you see folder greatest Hits im pulling my hair out..lol
im confused is there a way to tell it to automaticly look for tags?
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