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Thanks guys!  I am very happy with the quality I am getting from it. I always had sound cards but on this build I was running the onboard sound and it was killing me! :) Now everything just opened up with detail and better positioning. I was going to try hunting down the breakout box but from what I have read, the quality was not the best so I will just keep it as it is. Regards!
I think for $28 (no breakout box or remote), I scored a nice deal here. The sound is VERY nice to my ears on my Ascend 170SE monitors and Mission speakers as well. At first I wanted the entry level Z card but I think the deal I got was better overall. This is for music and some gaming. For actual recording I got a Saphire Scarlett 8i6. So unless  I go for the ZXR, I wont really get much better than this, right?
I got this reply for that question from a very respected member which I will not name as it was on private message just in case So after exchanging messages, the iDSD micro is the one I will save for as that will be a much better jump in quality.Regards
Hi all! I was wondering how you think the Nano iDSD compares to the FiiO E18. I sold my FiiO and was going to buy it again but this Nano iDSD caught my eye. I will be using with an Android phone. Do you think it will improve at all over the FiiO or do I need to save for the Micro iDSD to get a real jump in quality?
Oh yeah, no way around the limitation of closed headphones in that regards compared to open ones.
For what is worth, I use the M-100 for classical and Piano concertos and like them very much. Nothing that a bit of EQ cant fix if the headphone is high quality! :)As for the interference noises...I never had it with the E18 but I did have it before with the E6 and the E11 though.
Honestly I wouldn't be able to tell for sure. My concern was of the metal maybe damaging the headband thus I wrapped it around with some hockey stick tape. My V-Moda (replaced the sony on the pic) only stays on it for a few hours a day since I normally use it when at work and when going home it goes into his case.And yes, that is the exact one I got from Walmart. :)
Stock Rom? My GF just got the Note2 so I can test it if its stock rom.
What phone?
Awesome! Cant wait to get your opinion compared to the E18. The reason those attracted my attention is because it has Bassboost and 3D sound even. I love having the Bassboost option just in case.BTW, I have been using an app from Aphex, Audio Exciter which is interesting indeed. I cannot tell if I love it all the time or if it is going to be like love it first, hate it later but for some songs it gets me really engaged with the music.Sadly, is not fully compatible with...
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