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They are very bassy to me which I like. Still I dont feel like the mids and highs are left behind in quality. They get PLENTY loud so I am confused about the comment above mine. I will be testing them more vs my XB90EX tomorrow that I am off so I can provide some idea of how they compare. :)
Oh I got perfect hearing so sorry to disappoint your childish attack. I just don't have an overactive imagination.There is no blind test that has shown any of this nonsense you are trying to support mate...grow up. Any time a blind test had been done they fail and come up with bogus excuses or do no want to participate.Simple as evidence so you can accept it like a man or keep fooling yourself if that makes you sleep better. It's your money so feel free to waste...
indeed mate and someone just replied that it has been proven....lolAs I always say... audiophiles are like superheroes with the amazing power of super human hearing but sadly this superpower goes away when their eyesight is blocked lol
I have decided to go with the SHP9500 then thanks to the help I got here.  I was going to get the superlux 668B but looks like the 9500 is a step above so why not? :)
That does it for both of them from my list then.Thanks for this a fantastic resource! :)BTW, I know its a personal preference but out of curiosity., which is one is your favorite at the Fidelio X1 price range (well $150) and lower for gaming?
I have read that there is an older version that was warmer and the newer which is not. Is that accurate or even the newer one is still too warm?I guess based on your comment that the SHP9500 or Fidelio X1 will be a better option for me or even a Superlux 668B and save a lot of money in the process. :D
Hello guys!   So I was about to get the HD 650s for gaming pretty much exclusively ( since I can get them for 8 payments of $37 dollars instead of one payment without fees) but reading this it seems that is not the best choice for me. I do listen to music but at work and in bed so I cannot use an open headphone for that. So...if the HD 650s are out of the the HD 600 a better option or should I go back to my original plan of the Superlux 668B, Fidelio X1 or...
Added the SHP9500 as my main choice now.
Added the SHP9500 to my choices. Anyone?
Hello! So I narrowed my choices to either go with a Superlux...just my research gives me conflicting information about which one is better for gaming between the 681 EVO and 668B. In fact, people claims are conflicting about how they both sound compared to each other like one will say this one has more Bass and someone else will say the opposite. So hopefully I can get a more definitive answer here.   My third I hope I dont have to do as I prefer to save...
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