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Hey guys, first I want to apologize to anyone waiting for emails in the past few days as I have had some necessary travels (now back) across the USA and unable to get replies out promptly. Working on getting the plethora of emails all answered by this evening.  For those that have preorders on the Draug2 these are now starting to ship, finally!   Prep, this is also finally set for release mid September (give or take a few days).  Will most likely post more details up in...
  Sorry for the delay guys, have been extremely swamped with orders. I should have a little preview up tonight or sometime tomorrow for sure.
 Your welcome!  Glad to hear it ohm!  Definitely going to try to get a sample pic to show a preview of what the black / red will look like perhaps by this coming weekend, it isthe one with a bit different of a look.  The black/brown will be like the original just substituting brown for the grey.  yw Scott, glad you like it!
Greed, you have PM.
 ohm, Track at It looks like your item is in flight to you, as it left the SF sort facility.  In regards to shipping:Unless it is a special circumstance, or unless a customer requests a different carrier all shipments are done with USPS as the standard.  Express 3-5 day international is extremely reliable in my years of non stop shipping with it.  If there is a hold up it would be due to more strict customs of the country.  Another great thing about USPS for...
A number of orders have gone beyond original estimate, but am working to finish all of these off and ship by Saturday.  Please shoot me a PM or email with your order number.Typically any order that has gone beyond estimated ship date will get compensation in some form.  If anyone hasnot received this shoot me an email and we will look into if you received your compensation.  edit:  62ohm have found your order and sent you an email in regards to this. 
The black,red,grey etc. color sleeves are custom made to our spec and yes do utilize some natural rayon fiber. Interconnect sleeves (varied patterns) also are custom made to our spec but with a poly blend (preferred for IC use, 32-carrier braid sleeve).        I want to apologize to all that are waiting on emails in the past few days as I have been unable to get replies out. However all emails should be replied to by this evening.  Further for those with pending...
  Vanquish adapters have not been added to the site yet as currently they are only available with the headphone cable (or post). Will probably add a selection menu for adapters on the page soon.  In order to get one right now you would just need to send an email request with your desired specs. 
Silver is July release. edit:  Mahdi, reply sent via email. 
It is not pure copper no, it is a mix in each conductor, three bundles cu and three bundles silver coated cu. 
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