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Jozurr it is expected to be listed on site this coming week and no later, currently I amdeep in a big build batch so I have not had a chance to finalize updates on the site. Yessir! Currently we just put the cnc engraving on only one side, that one in particular is the extra deep engraved black matte anodized AL splitter (engraving facing down)One of the reasons I like engravings on one side only is you can quickly tell right from left channel simply by having the splitter...
 I appreciate the early impressions Ginta, thank you for taking the time.  Cagin I shot you an email with update, also will get you that pic todayto show temporarily how to solve the issue until you get the replacement.   Glad your happy RIch, thanks for the post and thoughts.  AJ, Your tracking number was sent, it would have been sent sooner to you but there were some scheduling conflicts.  The Draug2 in a long length, and with a wood splitter, is most definitely the...
PM's sent working on emails for a couple of hours, should take care of everyone.
Oh no biggie at all, I just want to make sure I get you a proper reply this evening as I will be attempting to get all emails answered andall updates sent tonight.  I also sent you a PM on this.   p.s.Anyone else that has not got an email or update in past couple of days please shoot me a PM or alternatively use contact form on the site.  Otherwise you should receive it within the next few hours.     
Please see my post above the one you just made. Also please go ahead and PM me your email addy so I can make sure I get you a reply asap (I will do a search in the inbox).
 I found your email and will have a reply for you soon. To all else I will have replies this evening as well,have been back and forth visiting a family member in the hospital. But emails will be normal again tonight and tomorrow. 
  Cagin,  I can get a replacement sent for you with silver barrels instead, you will not have an issue with the replacement.I will email you the details.  Also a new barrel / connector is coming that has a locking mechanism as well.  
Email was found and replied to, assigned tracking was sent on your replacement package, and they are being given a free upgrade.Further, a compensation refund was sent on your order for the hassle/error (missing your change from originally ordered spec. Ether to a new desired termination type later on). 
As far as waits go, the goal is to have a max wait for most series of 6 weeks in June ( exception being longer wait D2 if any of them remain). I am very confident this will be kept to by that time (if in june you have an order that has gone longer than this email me asap).  The goal is to make the longer waits a thing of the past of course, and that is always being worked on as it is the primary goal with so much increase in demand.  When you experience growing pains...
Doc PM Sent,  Not sure how this happened, unless perhaps it wasa change from original order spec. later on and the update to the order somehow got missed, etc.  Regardless it will be taken care of asap.
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