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Building a D2 for iem....oh my..  That would be some feat, not sure that kind of girth would be preferable for ciem.  100% October, just hoping for the first week of October, but it could certainly bleed into the second week.   lol nicely done. ;)  Creative mind.    
 Thanks for the clarification :) All cables have been OCC + Fine stranded enameled Litz since 2011
Nice shots, Thanks for taking the time to take the photos.   It is largely the lighting that causes the effect with the PE, and it varies dependent on lighting a bit. The enamel itself on the litz strands is actually red (clear PE), and because of the way the PE is made it refracts the light giving the altered color.So the Black next to the red + the PE refracting sort of gives that effect your seeing.  In addition to the brown/black, red strand/black there will be an...
 Sorry guys working to add more photos when i get a chance on the site, right now just have the black/dark brown up (not the best shot of it yet either). It is basically eat sleep and breathe cables to try and get everyone's orders out. If your still waiting for a cable (no matter the series), you are not forgotten, I am working hard to get them out as soon as possible.   
 I took a look for your email but do not see it, regardless please check your email for tracking and information.   Edit:  Also replying right now to a large amount of emails, and will be checking for anything missed.  If anyone does not get a reply from me within 24-hours,please do not hesitate to resend that email to bump it in the inbox just in case I missed it.  Thanks! Again apologies for any slower replies recently. 
Should be shipping 09/06. Working on revamping a bunch of pages, updating things this evening to get these up.  Your welcome hot, glad you have enjoyed your experience.  :) Thanks Tin, feel free to email me anytime in regards to the heatshrink length, can always get it settled for you. 
Hey guys, first I want to apologize to anyone waiting for emails in the past few days as I have had some necessary travels (now back) across the USA and unable to get replies out promptly. Working on getting the plethora of emails all answered by this evening.  For those that have preorders on the Draug2 these are now starting to ship, finally!   Prep, this is also finally set for release mid September (give or take a few days).  Will most likely post more details up in...
  Sorry for the delay guys, have been extremely swamped with orders. I should have a little preview up tonight or sometime tomorrow for sure.
 Your welcome!  Glad to hear it ohm!  Definitely going to try to get a sample pic to show a preview of what the black / red will look like perhaps by this coming weekend, it isthe one with a bit different of a look.  The black/brown will be like the original just substituting brown for the grey.  yw Scott, glad you like it!
Greed, you have PM.
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