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 Vorpal has a single wire that has a mix of spc and copper actually (not silver), I will edit the page to make it more clear as well. I will forward you a reply in email as well, also status on your retermination, etc. 
PM sent
Skoll Series we don't technically sell anymore for normal full size headphone cables, but keep it on hand for adapter/pm3 needs primarily.    to all:working on catching up on emails right now, they should all be replied to soon.
PM sent, also I believe I did send it in email for you. 
Still here, still pumping out cables non-stop everyday. I was out of office a bit for the 4th of July, but still got to most emails at that time.   I should have gotten to all emails recently sent also, if I missed yours please just re-forward or use contact form on the storefront to ensure it gets past spam filter.  I will be double checking to see if I missed any. 
 It uses the Valab 3-pin XLR and replaces the 3-pin XLR insert with a 4-pin XLR insert.  So its not officially a plug offered by Valab because they only have official 3-pin XLR male at this time. This was a very early custom option that was provided back in like early 2014 or so. Still can do it if desired, just email for details on how to add it as its not listed currently as a normal offering on site.
 Thanks for the post an initial feedback Jalo.  Appreciate the post Kat. PM sent to check on why you have not got the tracking on your Draug 2. Yes unfortunately with Draug 2 cables, they have the worst possible delays of any cables.  They ended up needing to have their own wait time separate from other series. This is why we will stop offering the Draug 2 as an option around June 28th as there is no feasible way to keep shorter wait times on them specifically dueto the...
Hey There, glad to hear you got it, will shoot you an email soon with answer to all questions. 
 I will take a look in spam filter, you should have had reply within a couple of days only. PM sent on this
 That 4-pin XLR was actually a custom thing, so not an official connector made by Valab. The housing is Valab, but the pins are sourced elsewhere to fit.The Valab XLR connectors became more difficult to source over time,we can still do it  on request but you just have to email me about it first.  Your welcome, I am just happy it is resolved and in the end you are happy sir!   to all: sorry to everyone for slow replies I have been unable to get to a computer for most this...
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