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The black,red,grey etc. color sleeves are custom made to our spec and yes do utilize some natural rayon fiber. Interconnect sleeves (varied patterns) also are custom made to our spec but with a poly blend (preferred for IC use, 32-carrier braid sleeve).        I want to apologize to all that are waiting on emails in the past few days as I have been unable to get replies out. However all emails should be replied to by this evening.  Further for those with pending...
  Vanquish adapters have not been added to the site yet as currently they are only available with the headphone cable (or post). Will probably add a selection menu for adapters on the page soon.  In order to get one right now you would just need to send an email request with your desired specs. 
Silver is July release. edit:  Mahdi, reply sent via email. 
It is not pure copper no, it is a mix in each conductor, three bundles cu and three bundles silver coated cu. 
 Hey GJC, please send over an email if possible as I am limited in what I can discuss here as MOT (member of the trade). 
  Hey guys, Indeed Reign 24 was just a limited time release.TOTL at this point in time is the Vanquish yes. 
The page will be up soWill shoot you an email citraian. Will have the specs up on site pretty soon, been a bit busy trying to get stuff out the door. 
 kkcc, it will actually be added back up in a few days with some others. 
  Hey guys, indeed it would make it a bit larger, but even more so the labor added is a bit too much with a cablethat already has a lot of time involved on the build.  Because each conductor would have to be manually sleeved currently.   Ryden please PM me your email address and I will run a search.  I will also check the spam folder now to see if maybe anything was missed. If you don't receive a reply in 1-3 hours, please try sending it again.  Another option is to use...
Virtually brand new UM2, used for about 20 hours max, only one tip was ever used.  There is one pair of foam tips that came with the assortment of other tips that is missing.    Otherwise comes with all original items, tips and packaging (see pictures).    $135.00 shipped within the USA, for International add +$10.00 ($145.00) for 6-10 day. 
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