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PM sent animal.
I am sending you a PM now Steve, thanks. Will be getting to all other emails soon as well, going through to see if any were missed. 
Thanks for the post Highbury, and especially your patience during the process.  Just want to give a quick update to all. For those having some trouble with our site hiccups, totally aware of the issues, it is being worked on and should hopefully be resolved soon. Most should be able to put stuff through, but I think purely mobile devices such as phone are having issues presently.  For those waiting for emails, I am working to get replies to all this evening PST. It has...
PM sent to request order number and check status. edit: just sent an email on status.
PM sent on this, will resolve it asap.
 I am getting to all emails right now.I will be looking into your order asap.  As always if any issue occurred compensation will be given to those customers,  Usually it is always related to Draug 2 orders.Draug 2 cables do have a separate wait time compared to other cables. However we always make it up to customers compensation wise for any misses.If you have not received your compensation you will soon.  I am sending you a private message now to check and make sure your...
 This one should have been disabled on site actually, looks like somehow it wasn't disabled.  Being replaced with new stuff coming,some big updates coming to the site in about a week also.   p.s. Sorry to all on delay in emails recently, I am a little behind on them but will be caught up by this evening.So if you had delay in reply over the weekend this is why, thanks for the patience as always. 
 That small note can be easy to miss.To be fair you should have also received an email from me making it more clear in regards to the compensation refund.But that is my fault on that one.  Likely I used my sites interface to send the email instead of sending it manually from gmail itself.Sending emails through my site interface method has been causing me some issues.  Regardless the cable will be coming to you asap, but first I have also just sent you a message clarifying...
Kino, I actually manually refunded his particular order, as I deemed that he should be compensated for our error on it.In paypal transactions I have the ability to manually refund any order over a longer stretch of time. So when I manually refund I normally includenotes with the refund with the reason why it was refunded, in this case compensatory for error/delay.  Usually if I am refunding or partially refunding an order manually, its a positive thing for the customer,...
 Jimah, We are not refusing to complete your order at all.Your getting a compensated order/cable, it will ship out this week.  If we make a big error and did not get the order out, then compensation is in order always from our end to make up for the issue. 
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