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A lot of email replies have been delayed this past week, however all emails are being replied to same day  as of 04/16.  I will take a look and see what happened hereand send you a message very soon. For all other pending emails if you have not received a reply please do not hesitate to also send them again to bump to the top of our inbox. edit: message was sent Tien.
Please check your email. For all others waiting for an email it will be sent your way today. 
quick update: have been out of office today and most of yesterday unexpectedly, so for those waiting for a tracking number recently there is a day or so delay on it being sent your way.    note:  will work on getting replies to the many emails this evening (pst).   Clearing the last of 01/Jan and beginning of 02/Feb orders this week. You can send an email over for an estimate on a particular build wait time.  Thanks again for everyone hanging in there during very...
Thanks for the thoughts  Roasty, glad you are enjoying the combo. 
Just found your email in our old norse account. I very rarely check the old email you are sending to and any emails to that account are not forwarded to the new account at this time.I will send you the correct email to use for future reference.  Regardless you will have a reply shortly with your tracking number.  edit:  email sent. note:  for all others waiting on emails for the last 24 hours, I am working on clearing them all now. 
YW whirl, glad your enjoying it.  :) Will have reply for you in email soon, have unfortunately been unable to answer many emails this weekend.  Glad to hear! Email is being sent your way soon.  Want to thank everyone for their patience on email replies in the past few days.
If you shoot me a message with your order number I can check on your estimate or revised estimate and send to your email. Always have stuff in the testbed! :)Well if we are slower than our estimated wait we will compensate you in some fashion, so that is one way to get a discount :D  edit:  to those waiting for emails and replies they will all be answered this evening.  Feel free to bump your email in the inbox anytime as well.
PM has been sent, your order should have already shipped.
PM sent
PM sent.Have checked the inbox and cannot find an email in regards to termination of an older cable, but its no problem to do for you. **note** all other email inquiries will be answered this afternoon-early evening pst. 
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