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Sold. Sorry guys.  I had about 7 people asking to buy them.
Hello.   I am selling my HeadAmp Gilmore Lite ( G-Lite ) headphone amplifier with Dedicated Power Supply (DPS) (120V), Made in the USA. The set is in very nice condition and works perfect.  I still have the original headamp boxes that came with each unit. I purchased this set from Piano Jazz (Lou) on head-fi back in September 2011.   I am selling this for 350$US including shipping within the US. I accept cash or paypal payment.   Please feel free to...
Hello.   I am selling my MHDT Labs Paradisea+ DAC with vacuum tube buffer. I purchased this DAC new and am the only owner of it.   It's an amazing DAC for the price! The DAC has always been taken care of and pampered.     I am selling this for $350US including shipping within the US. I accept cash and paypal.   Photos:   (Please click on any photo for a larger view)       If you have any questions please feel free to send me a...
Sale pending.
Hello. I am selling my Headphile Headphone Stand in naturally aged Padauk.  I purchased the stand new about 6 years ago and am the only owner of it. The stand has been properly taken care of and is in very nice condition.  It has been kept away from smoke.   This is naturally aged Padauk wood.  In the sun it takes on a more reddish color, and in dimmer light it looks like a dark brown.  The photo captures the more reddish side.   I am selling the stand for...
    for fun.  Gonna get it threaded for a muzzle break / suppressor when I move.
Hi all. I am moving to the SLC area starting around June for college.  Still a few months away, but who knows! If I am around I would be interested in attending.  Always happy to meet new people instead of the same old MA / NY crew. ~Drew
  Gonna have a gun smith thread the barrel and put a muzzle brake on it. Someday when I move to a free state I'll get my suppressor.
5$ shipped. WOW!
Thanks.  ^_^
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