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I was just about to buy the R-05, figuring if it has bad tag browsing I won't care that much because I can use different SD cards for music and recording, but the manual says it does not support gapless unbelievable oversight for such a device.
That's what I was afraid of. I hate when technology goes backwards. Do things like the ipod touch have advanced recording capabilities, or any recording at all? Last time I checked, they didn't.
Looks pretty good. I like that it uses sd cards. Does anyone have any experience with its output amp quality or its utility as a DAP? that wouldn't be the primary use, but the good thing about MD was it was pretty good at both playback and recording.
A couple years ago I sold my beloved RH1 minidisc on this forum thinking I was done with DAPs, and would buy a modern player when I got back into it. Because I could only fit a few CDs on a disc, and I refused to use sonicstage to transfer music. Well, I am learning a language now and I want to record audio for later review. That would be from TV, podcasts, news reports, my teachers and tutors, shows on Netflix, etc. The minidisc made this trivially easy. ..with a 3.5mm...
Price drop: 30 dollars.
Total Bithead used for travel and college but has not been used in years. Presumed working and sold as-is. Comes with original box, and adapters shown. Box is beat-up. I tried to edit post title to include "FS" but couldn't figure out how. Paypal preferred or local pickup Durham NC.
I need to add some vinyl. Since I got married and became a wage slave, I don't get to the thrift stores and garage sales, and those sources have really dried up anyway. I'm probably looking for records available new. I like my 30th anniversary DSOTM, so I'm hopeful there are good quality repressing out there of classic records, I just need to know what I want. My collection is basically Dire Straits, Steely Dan (my favorite band), Creedence, shoegaze, prog (Pink Floyd,...
There is nothing wrong with sigma delta DACs. In fact SACD uses a sigma delta signal directly recorded onto the disc and the sound quality is superb.
It's a Technics 1700. It has auto-turnoff, which is part of the problem, because I let the record play to the en and it safely stops itself, but then I forget to turn the preamp off. The batteries last for over a year without charging if I don't forget to turn it off. I can easily detect when to switch the preamp without modifying the turntable by either using a photo detector on the tonearm parking position, or with a photo sensor on the strobe lamp. I really can't...
I'm running 12-volt sealed lead-acid batteries. Would it work to put crossed zener diodes on the outputs? I could play a loud record and view the preamp output on a scope to determine the approximate peak voltage level, then use diodes with a breakdown voltage slightly higher than that so it doesn't affect the music, but clamps the turn-on pop or other large signals that might occur if I drop the tonearm or something. Bad idea?
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