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I'd also like to add my own huge thanks to Nadeem and Sennheiser for a great meet, and extend it to all of the people who brought along your rigs and patiently let me listen to them.   This was the first time I've been to a meet, and I didn't really know what to expect. Walking into the posh venue with a little trepidation, I quickly realised what an enthusiastic, friendly and sociable bunch make up the Head-Fi community, and I immediately felt comfortable....
Jose James - No Beginning No End    
This looks great, please add my name to the list. 
Thanks for that Rich, I'll watch out for the next Whittlebury Hall one when it comes around - it's not too far away.
I enjoyed reading this review, very interesting and well written. Thank you!   I'm considering going for the he-400 or he-500 at some point in the future. I'm going to make sure I actually get to see a current model before making a purchase, so I can ensure I'm happy with the build quality and noggin-comfort.
  Apparently they're expected to be available in the US this month:
1. Philips Fidelio X1 2. Denon AHD-5000 3. Sony MDR-1r 4. Westone UM3x 5. Grado SR60 6. Ultrasone Pro 750
  That's good to know - I'm seriously considering a G109 in the future.
  I've never had a problem with several Linux boxes and different DACs before - In my experience the noise problem is exclusive to the Raspberry Pi.   As a Unix sysadmin I have to defend Linux, it's wonderful! :-) I hope it goes well with the TPLINK - good luck!
    I read about that on an Amazon review, but I got the impression that it isn't an issue with newer ones. Hopefully they've addressed it in the production process - I'm well out of practice on my soldering. 
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