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BTW.  I've found better results with the Donut in........
My advice is to just leave the JJ's in.  I know a few who have bought some $$ but the point of this amp is the tubes aren't supposed to have that great an effect on sound.
Major Sound improvement with this tweak............ Better imaging and soundstage.............
J, Had I the money I would be one right now!  Just beautiful.  I'm sick of black or silver.  That Purple is like a McLaren P1!!
Will it be available in Purple?  Man those pictures of the Blue Hawaii "Part time Audiophile" posted are just juicy cool in Purple.
I have Q-Cables which are cool looking but next time I'm making my own.  If they don't turn out no big deal but I could get everything I want for much less.  I just saw an ad in new Stereophile for Nordost headphone cables.  Everybody wants in now!
I know someone who swears by the USB upgrade (DSD upgrade).
Agreed.  Zero complaints and it sounds great.
I had the stock cable for mine and to my ears sounded great.  I've got the Q-Cable French Silk in RED.  Looks way cool but I couldn't honestly say it is crazy "better".  I'd like to hear the Moon Silvers.
Or you could make your time this is my plan!
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