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The rings could be made from Carbon Fiber and that would solve the...........wait.......McLaren Cars runs color through their Fiber don't they.......wait a minute!!
They could take shots of production run wood and let you choose.
You should be able to choose the wood for these. I can buy a solid guitar body from Warmoth  or Musikraft and it's no big deal. Especially at this price point. If it takes a longer turn around time so be it. I'd rather wait and get what I want.
Howdy Clayton!! Me too!!
For Sale. Wyred 4 Sound DAC2 in Silver. Perfect working order and no blemishes or scratches (Had some dust on my lens so pictures not super great!).  Original owner. Continental United States only and I Will PAY SHIPPING FOR GROUND (shipped in original box).
Keeping both 4 and Utopia because it's too hard to decide?  I almost pulled trigger on 4's yesterday but can't decide on those or Utopia.
What's the verdict on these vs the LC's.  How do like the carbon headband for the LC's?  Thank you!
How do you like the carbon headband for the LC's?  What's the verdict on the Elear vs LC's?
How does the bullet sound?
Really like the look of this amp.  Wondering how it compares to Cavalli Gold.
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