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Thank you.
I did the search and didn't come up with much so I asked.
Late to the game here.  How does this compare to the Wyred4Sound DAC 2 DSDe?  
Or you could make your own.
I have a question about the cost of the Focal and Sony's availabel through dealers in relation to Audeze's which are pretty much sold direct with the LCD4's.  I would think that that the Aud's would be much more expensive if sold through a dealer network.  And does that mean we will see discounts on the Focal and Sony's eventually?
CNET listened to them here.
All the flagship choices these days.  Who's next jumping in? MBL?
Please let us know.  I'm interested in how it compares to your HeadAmp.  Dig those custom Stat amps!  Incredible.
Not out of production but a final run I believe.
Thanks!  Good luck and enjoy the LC's
New Posts  All Forums: