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I ride the Schwalbe's too. Love them.
I have my upgraded DAC2 to DAC-2v2se and I'm letting it burn-in for 100 hours before I report back.
Hey Greyson. Side-step here. Going to see King Crimson this Summer (your Avatar)? I'm seeing them in Chicago.
I bought a BRAND NEW BMW 2002 in 1974 for $7,000!?!? 
An odd statement coming from and audio guy! Look at the price of audio gear now! BTW........nice bike.
Dig this. I sent my DSDse off to Wyred for the v2 9038 chip upgrade. I had sold my DAC 2 and bought this one on eBay. I get the email from Wyred that it doesn't have the Femto Clock. So I'm adding it. What's interesting is my ears are for crap. What a blind test this was! I did notice the difference in DAC's but wow I'm stupid believing a Femto was having any bearing on this! I'm going to contact eBay in meantime and see if anything can be done (good luck there!)
I also wonder what the Stax Mafia have to say about this?
I'll wait to hear it myself.
Thank you! Yes I have plenty of power for the 4's.
I used to own a WA22 then switched to a Cavalli Liquid Fire. I do not own LCD-4's yet but my LCD-2 (non-fazor) It was a significant improvement in every way. The Bass is stellar. I did test the Liquid Gold prototype and it was a huge jump over my LF. Lots of power and detail. The 4's are in my future this year. Just upgraded(still waiting for new 9038 Pro chip to arrive) my Wyred 4 Sound DAC2 to v2 DSDse so I have to wait a bit.
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