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Time.  I've owned the Liquid Fire for almost five years.  Man that went fast.  For some reason I was impulsed to read my posts here and it reads poorly at best as if I'm a Fanboy goof (Go ahead and comment but don't get banned).  I am still enjoying the amp to the fullest.
I hope to get a new frame by year end.  What decisions to make.  I've ridden Ti for twenty years and want to try Carbon.  Colnago's I've loved for 40 years so on the list.  Then Specialized S-Works (Maybe I'll skip S and go regular.....but a guy thing to want the best) or maybe a Trek Madone.  I've also ridden Campy for 20+ years and would like to try new SRAM eTap.
What's the stereo/headphone rig look like if the displayed bikes look this good.............
What a shot!  Must have been great ride.
That top one is nice!
Build your own cables with this how to.
Wow indeed.  That system must sound like the heaven's opened up.
Howdy Clayton!
Listening to Dr. John tonight.  Picked up this five CD set for $16 on Amazon.  DR is killer good.  This is just pure enjoyment on the LF
Wow!  That's like the briefcase in Pulp Fiction.
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