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"This is your opportunity to own the best headphone amp available"  Bold words. Especially for an amp not released and plenty of competition around.  Love Audeze headphones but I am surprised they are introducing an amp like this. I would have expected them to take years developing something on and of their own with a peek here and there.  Then boom............here it is.  Crowd funding for a total class operation like Audeze in my opinion is out of character.
Beware of those red ants................
Too bad they don't offer the LCD-4 at a deal like this!
"The King" headphone amp being introduced looks like a Cavalli Liquid Fire amp clone
We had a local shop now gone and the owner told me at the time(four years ago) that Storck bikes were the highest quality and had all these reasons.  No clue about now.
Right.  I wish someone in the know could clue me into who has the best quality.
I am looking to buy a carbon road bike come spring.  Suggestions?  List so far is S-Works Specialized Venge, Colnago, Pinarello.
Its been a while and I've adjusted.  Quicker though
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