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Wow!  That must have been fun+  Love the Briscati look like my old Levinson gear.
Don't forget the MSB Analog DAC with the optional power supply.  
Vittorio Brumotti does it again!
Sadly I too have had to withdraw from Beta testing due to the deposit.  If I was single I would have jumped here but.................  I was thinking initially it would be approximately half the MSRP covering manufacture and I would have to decide on that.  Not that is intended as such but this is quite a genius move to sell a number of these at a great price.   Those having a hissy-meltdown over the cost of Beta testing should take a deep breath and decide if they want...
Nice!  Beauty!
I have Q-Cables and love them.  And they are RED!!!  
Yes please and thank you! 
Bring on the impressions!
Wow that San Rensho is sweet!
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