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Actually, you can use it while it's charging from a PC. I'm doing it right now!
Yup, it sure can.
Probably just sold out for now.
Yeah, I tossed my stickers in the trash. It's too pretty to cover up! Has anyone heard anything yet about a stacking kit for this little beauty? There's really not a good place to put a standard band that doesn't interfere with a button or the screen in any way.
Congrats! Mine came today too. I've been enjoying it all evening!
Yes, it reads tags just fine. Putting music on it is simply a drag and drop affair. When I plug mine into my computer it basically goes into "disc mode" and appears on my computer as a removable disk. Note that you can't play music while it is transferring music. If you fiddle with the buttons you will kick the X1 out of disk mode and your computer will bitch at you. And you'll have to resume your transfer after you figure out what didn't get copied. And yes, I just...
Micca Store said my X1 has shipped! I'm so excited for this little beauty. Let's hope that the USPS doesn't take its sweet time getting it to me.
Welcome! I've been thinking about building another Starving Student (this time for my desk at work), so I'm excited to see how your project turns out! Good luck with it!
Yup, my newly acquired 225e's drivers have vent holes in the exact same spot. Where they're located surprises me a little bit... I figured the vent holes should be spaced exactly opposite from each other around the driver and not so close together. I vented my SR60i's drivers as such, but apparently Grado doesn't think so. Anyways, It's nice to see them venting the lower models too so that's one less mod which owners of the new lower-end Grados will be compelled to do.I'm...
I figured this would be a good thread to drag back into existence but hijack into 12AU7 territory. My Starving Student is currently using a pair of 50s vintage RCA long black plate 12AU7s that I got for dirt cheap on eBay. I really like the way the amp sounds but I feel like it can do better. The mid range isn't very forward which is surprising considering I'm using Grado SR60's. I've seen a number of threads regarding 12AU7 preferences but all that I've read it seems...
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