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  The STU is not meant to replace the Essence One, they are more of a lower priced DAC offering from ASUS.  Not sure why they are priced so close where you live. I just got one in and will be reviewing it if you are interested in having a look.
You will see many similarities in higher end gear as many companies follow similar design ideas and reference designs from the companies that make the DAC's opamps..etc.  Why reinvent the wheel when great sounding circuits are easy to find?
Of course the card or interface is important!  A cheap recording device will give you cheap results.  This is why recording studio use high end recording interfaces.  ASIO or others are important but the quality of the device is paramount in these cases.
Yes, push tme all the way down, gently.  Provided the contacts are connected, they can be sitting up a bit but most push the flush with teh socket.
What?  ASIO is meant to bypass and DSP or resampling.  Maybe that is the reaon it is having issues...who knows.
I have been getting tons of requests to compare the Stock version to the Muses Edition. 
Seems like a recording interface would give you exactly what you are after. 
Cannot be 100% sure but It should as ASIO4ALL, is not a real ASIO driver, it is actually a kernel streaming driver IIRC. -It is meant to offer these features to devices that do not support them natively. If you are using your system for studio and music production I would suggest getting rid of the onboard and buying at least an entry level soundcard.  You would get much better results for sure!
The trouble may be with the cheaper units though you get a limitation of 48K.   What do you consider cheap?
When I mean modules, I just mean opamps put onto adapters PCB's for use in this soundcard. Although I am considering designing an add on PCB, so I can use opamps for the other channels that are SOIC's.
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