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Thanks minimus; I'll check that out.
Thanks, Headdie, for responding; I'll look into Yaqin.   I saw the Dared l-30 & am now leaning towards the Dared MP-6; I would really appreciate your thoughts on this amp. I could bluetooth my iThing & listen to headphones & listen to speakers.   Tia - Rich
I'm getting very frustrated here;  the Jolida FX10 doesn't have headphone outputs. Neither does the Sophia Baby...   What does?   TIA - Rich
I have AKG K271 MK ll & B&W P5 cans.   I'm looking for a <$500 tube headphone amplifier that will also drive a pair of 1975 Heresy l speakers.   Source is an iThing.   TIA - Rich
I have AKG K271 MKll cans & 1975 Klipsch Heresy 1 speakers. Looking for a tube amp to drive both with input from my iThing.   Considering Jolida FX10, Qinpu A-6000 MKll & Napa NA208a.   Trying to keep price <$500.   Your feedback is respectfully requested.   TIA - Rich
ty for responding; optimum would be a "local" check-out.
Thinking about purchasing a LDMklll to go with my AKG K271Mkll's but have only found Chinese distributors.   TIA - Rich
ty for your response; got a line on where I might purchase the  LD mk3 here in the States? All I can find is in China.   Also, any idea where to look for a Line Out cable with iPhone4s connector on one end terminating to L-R phono plugs on the other? That's what the LD mk3 accepts for an Input.   Again, all I can find is in China thru   TIA - Rich  
How do you "audio out" from an iPhone4s to a Little Dot MKlll headphone amp? Is it stereo mini plug (in the iPhone4s headphone jack) to L-R RCA plugs (in the Input jacks of the Little Dot MKlll headphone amp)? If anyone could suggest other hp amps <$300, I'd appreciate it. The tube aspect really intrigues me. Also looking at AKG K271MKII Closed Back Circumaural Headphones to use in this scenario.
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