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I am thinking about purchasing the UHA-6S even tho I already have a FiiO 11 & an Amped Up cmoy.   I run Siri out the hp jack into one of the amps and out to an AKG K-271MkII, a B&O P5 or a HiFiMan HE-300.   Please excuse my apparent n00bieness for the following:   Would I obtain better sq using an LOD cable and\or different hp cables? I've seen an LOD for >1C & a Cardas Fat Pipe (fit's my AKG) for >2C! I've also heard that Siri's DAC may be bypassed depending...
If you don't mind me asking; what are the specs on your new cans and how much are they?   TIA - Rich
but what does the following mean? (saw in a product's description).   "The amplifier output section is centered around a pair of single channel socketed opamps. The stock configuration uses the OPA209 but other options like AD797, AD8610, or OPA627 can be had for an extra fee."   I'm kinda new to the headfi game; have an AKG K-271 MKII & a B&O P5; run thru a Dared MP-6 with a Siri source.   TIA - Rich
What headphone stands do you recommend?
Think the new Leckerton would be a good "mate" with an AKG K271 MKII, Beyer DT-48 circa 1985 & a B&W P5?   TIA - Rich
Am looking into acquiring a pair for listening to my Siri:D   Your thoughts, please.   TIA - Rich
Am getting back into vinyl and got my first records today. How\what is everybody using to store their LP's?   TIA - Rich
Just wondering what everyone's impressions are...   TIA - Rich
Right now, I'm torn between Bluetooth (Senn MM-550X) & non-Bluetooth (Senn RS 220 & Sony MDR-6500).   I already have AKG K271 MKll and B&W P5's; looking for something wireless so I don't have to fight my 3 cats over the cord:)   I've enclosed 2 pics; one of my system and one of the Dared MP6which I will move to the top of the right Klipsch Heresy l.    The left Klipsch Heresy l will have a B&O TX2 (should be delivered today) sitting on it; after I move the...
Requesting feedback; to use with B&W P5's, AKG K-271 MkII's & 1975 Klipsch Heresy l's.   TIA - Rich 
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