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Or to the Portaphile 627?
Went with Westone 4R's and Chris_Himself recable mod:)
Has anyone done a comparison between the two?   TIA - Rich
PM'ed you
My bad; old school Rock; Byrds, CSN, Floyd, Moody Blues, Santana, Zep, Also Reggae and bands like America, Association, Bread, Jack Johnson, M&P, Poco, Simon & Garfunkel, etc...   The Westies are at the top of my short list right now:)
Am considering Grado GR10, B&W C3, Paradigm E3m & Thinksound MS01.   Any others I should consider?   TIA - Rich
Agreed; I'm getting one custom made from the Netherlands:)   Rich
Is this the norm? I take it they are not usually included?   Reason I ask is I ordered my PA2V2 two daze (sic) ago.   TIA - Rich
Just ordered mine 2 days ago:)
I need a 1\4" to 1\8" plug adapter preferably connected by cable:)    1\4"F by cable to a 1\8" M; have headphones I need to plug into a portable amp. I've seen these: What are your thoughts? Do any of you have other suggestions?   TIA - Rich
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