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Major Suckage
WOW! Drop Dead Gorgeous
Understood; however, Cesar is about 10 minutes from me and I'd really like to give his product a chance before making a decision.   Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm; I've got the...   SOLUTION: buy both:)
Danny, I realize you are referring to an op amp here, and perhaps I've asked this question before (so please excuse me),  but have you, or anyone else, compared the new Leck to the Portaphile 627?   I'm torn between the two, due diligence wise (aka Internet). I wouldn't use the Leck's DAC because I'm afraid I would "brick" my iPhobe 4s by jailbreaking it.   Hate to pay for something\feature(s) I won't use...   BIG chicken here:)   But the Porta is 2x$:(   TIA - Rich
Agree; however, Cesar Aguilera (who makes the Portafile 627) is only 10 minutes away from me so I'm going to audition his product.   I've never had the opportunity to actually sit down and talk with an audio manufacturer before...
OMG! Major suckage! Please let us know what you get for interconnects and what you think of your new Leck.   Also, what is your source? I'm looking at the Leck also and the Portaphile 627   TIA - Rich
Rec'd mine on 9-29 - LOVE IT!   Listening to iTunes downloads from an iPhone 4s thru a HiFiMan HE-300.   Also, listened yesterday using Westone 4R's; heard things in the music I had never heard before:)   Now, I'm gonna have to give serious thoughts as to buying the new Leck or the Porta 627:(
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