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Above is in response to "jhelsas" question.
I just started using the new cable last weekend; need at least 100 hours of BURN-IN for " Optimal Sound Quality".   That's what the enclosed card said.   Please see under: Output Op-amps:   Or:   If you have a custom op-amp request, please contact us for availability.
Got GAS - "Gear Acquisition Syndrome"? 
Right on the Smeggy; Westy is an IEM - Westone W4R with Chris_Himself Recable Mod.   I do have a laptop but dnk how to bypass it's internal DAC... 
Haven't focused on the DAC aspect because I'm tooooooooooooooooooo chicken to root my source (iPhone 4s).    But I will tell you this; at 9 o'clock on the Leck running flat & high gain with Smeggy or Westy, sounds perfectly fabulous to me.  
I like my uha-6s-mkii better than my RSA Predator.
My bad; should have read EACE LOD... It's by Dennis Eskens (apologies, Dennis) out of the Netherlands.
Would like to provide an update: I actually got to meet Cesar Aguilera (owner of Portaphile) last week.   He brought his own personal amp to my house and loaned it to me for several days; even offering to let me take it on the road for a few. Before picking it up yesterday; we chatted.   Having never written a review before; here goez (sic).   Gotta tell you; this is one heck of a good amp and Cesar is one heck of a great guy!   I tested it using an...
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