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Might have been to me 'cause I bought mine off Head-Fi
Agreed; most of the amps & cans in my sig are used. Even the Crystal Piccolino...
I apologize for this being OT - but could you possibly tell me (or direct me to the proper Forum) how to convert these files so they play on an iPhone 4s? I really want to get into HD Downloads and feel I have the rig(s) to be able to appreciate them, just DNK how to do it.    The one freebie DL I had from them didn't even show up in my iTunes...     TIA!    Happy T-Giv
Perhaps this may be of help:  
Slicker? Yeah, maybe 'cause my Lek is black & my Pred is silver; but it's tooooooooooooo small for me. I don't really like it that much. 
The Crystal came from SE Asia; the EACE came from The Netherlands.
I understands; sometimes, there is a very fine line between Perception & Reality. 
Correct; just a Crystal Piccolino or an EACE LOD. 
  This is exactly what I do; iPhone 4s > Leckerton UHA-6s-MKII > Westone W4R w\Chris_Himself recable mod 
I found this:
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