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So what is your favorite now?
  No need to derail this thread any further by making assumptions about equipment that you have neither heard nor understand the technical capabilities of. Your argument is unfounded and your examples are meaningless.   As for those who have heard the SD-3, keep the impressions and comparisons coming.
  Talked to Andy last week and briefly again today. If your pair is in the same group as mine (also stealth), it will probably be shipped out on Friday. They've been a little backed up due to the large number of stealth upgrades.
These are brand new. You need to give them time to get out to people for impressions and for fotm to wear off.
Looking forward to your impressions.
The tone of the post I was referring to suggested that the cost of upgrade would be more expensive than the price difference between the two. That being said, I would be happy to be wrong as either way I'll be upgrading as soon as I can fit it into my budget.   Looking forward to the official announcement, keep up the good work, Aurisonics.
Dale mentioned in one of his earlier posts that the as(g)-1 to as(g)-2 upgrade would be more expensive than just the added cost of the tweeters, but still less than buying a new pair of 2s.With that in mind it's more likely that upgrade costs will be in the neighborhood of $250-300. Although, it was also suggested that there would be some sort of special deal when the upgrades are finally announced.
  So does the upgrade from the ASG-1 to ASG-2 include the rev 1.3 changes?
How much did the black and red aesthetic option add to the cost of your AS-1s?
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