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Amazon has the AD 700's for $100 but also the Shure 840's at 130, which is a pretty recent price drop I think. Does anyone have an opinion on the AD 700's vs the Shure 840's? I'm actually leaning towards the Shure's several reviewers have said they adjust down very small or large.
sounds great. I'm strongly considering going the route of just trying to modify the ad 700's. I'm having a real hard time finding a better pair for $100.
I honestly don't know anything about those or Superlux. They seem to be getting good reviews and I definitely like the price. How would you compare those to the JVC RX 700?
yeah, I'm a big gamer and I tend to move around quite a bit while I'm playing. Changing seats, grabbing food, etc. I never had a problem with larger headphones actually falling off, but I just don't like that "loose" feeling. Any recommendations on a pair with similar specs, quality, and price point that would fit my head a bit better? Or if there's even some little trick you can do to make the ad 700's fit tighter, that's fine too. I don't mind cosmetic changes as they...
I've been researching a purchase for a set of open ear phones mostly for gaming and movies. The only thing keeping me from ordering the AD700's is the fact that many Amazon reviews claim they won't work if you don't have a large head. I wear a size 6 3/4 fitted hat and I've head some Turtle Beach xp 500's that would slip off my ears if I leaned forward, even at the smallest setting, so I'm worried this might be an issue for me. Any idea if I'm going to have a problem? Is...
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