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        I see an immediate price drop after it's initial release, and then a slow steady incline in price over two years. What exactly is standard about that? Name me one other form of electronics that doesn't slowly decline in price over time.  
good points. I guess I can't blame Senn for a reseller selling as high as they can, especially on a discontinued product.
    I honestly think this is the answer. Until people start writing Denon, Sennheiser and Bererdynamic, etc and saying "I'm not going to pay double for the same headphones you made ten years ago", the trend will only continue. Can you imagine if Intel tried to sell a CPU for twice what it cost a few years ago? Or if Ford tried to sell the 2004 model for more than the same as the 2012?  People would call them insane, but as you said, the real insane ones are the  people...
  HD 555 Amazon Price in 2010: $69.99   HD 555  Amazon Price in 2012: $189.95   Granted, I know they were on sale then, but come on Senn, time to drop those prices. Or rather, come on people, time to stop paying $200 for mediocre phones that are almost a decade old.   
I'd love to get more info on this. Frankly. I don't want to spend $500 on Sennheiser phones if their company is pulling cheap tactics like this. It just makes me lose faith in them as a higher end company. I can't get a firm answer at all one way or another though. I guess I could just call Senn and ask, but I kind of doubt they're going to tell me "yeah, we put some foam in there so we could charge another $100 for the 595's".
    so far i've got 2 votes for the senn's and two for the Berer. Picking up one or the other tonight. Any last minute input?   Will be powered by a Yamaha receiver and used primarily for gaming, movies, music, in that order. I'm leaning towards the DT's because of the larger sound stage and higher impedence, but I've heard they have weak midrange, which is a big problem with my current phones. I like to be able to hear those voices in my games and movies. However, that...
Bererydynamic DT 990's new at $170   vs   Senn HD 555 used at $75   Price is a pretty big concern. Are the 990's worth the extra $100 on a starving college guy's budget?
I'm picking up a used pair of 555's and am considering doing the foam mod. My only question is why Sennheiser put a large piece of foam in the first place that does nothing but make it sound worse? Does the foam have some other purpose that just doesn't work right or something?
    Could you give me an example of an open backed phone that would be as good in the same price range?
A pair of HD 555's just went up on craiglist for $80. I've been looking for my first pair of good phones at a budget price. Should I jump on these?
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