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for what it's worth, I just bought the DT 990's 250ohm last week and I am not enjoying them that much. The highs are way to piercing, especially in games and movies. I'm returning tomorrow and now shopping for a replacement. 
cool, thanks for the info. I'll look up some modding stuff and also try on another receiver just to make sure it's not. the problem.
Bass isn't crucial. I mean, I like bass, but I don't want to to be the first selling point. Overall quality is the most important. No gimmicks, no great at this, terrible at this, Just balance  across all spectrums. I use the phones 4 hours a day, minimum, watching TV, listening to music, playing games, whatever. I have to in my studio apartment to prevent bother neighbors. So, I just need something I can be happy with all the time. And if I could get it under $200 that'd...
I did the best I could. Feel free to peruse my post and see all the long standing members of this forum who recommended them highly. Did you want to maybe recommend anything?
I bought the Bererdynamic DT 990's 250ohm of Amazon last week and i've been using them a few days.  After using them for a mix of music, movies and games, the one thing that stands out the most is the piercing highs. I've read some reports on this here and there, but nothing that seemed to be as big of a negative as I find it to be. I'm pretty new to the field of high end audio, so my terminology is probably terrible, but I'll do my best. Please bear in mind that I'm not...
    actually, my first post on the subject was the one that started the thread, in which I pointed out Amazons prices from 2010 to 2012.
    Considering I started the thread, I'd say it's on topic.
    my entire point was that the marketing life of headphones is too long compared to other electronics and you're argument is that headphones aren't electronics. I can't really debate you any further than that. 
     Headphones are electronics. If you can't trust the new guy on that, ask around a bit. I'm sure everyone else will agree with me. As far as your example to computers, no, there is nothing on the face of the earth that keeps up with microchips. That's Moore's law and a terrible example. But yes, I absolutely do feel that headphones have a shelf life. You have Advents from decades ago because you've been to cheap to upgrade. That doesn't mean there aren't far superior...
    Headphones are not electronics? You're gonna have to explain that one to me a little better.They have circuits in them, they use electrictiy. Seems to meet the definition of electronics to me. 
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