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Welp, I discovered the problem. Turns out, I'm an idiot. It was a bent audio extension cable the whole time. I tried it on a bunch of different sources, just not with different cables.   When I plugged straight in they sounded good as new. Now I just need a new cable. 
Do you have any idea what I did wrong? I really don't think I ever turned the volume up past a good hearing level. I can't figure out why I would have blown them. Im listening out of a yamaha HTR 5830 receiver and I've never had the volume above -15db.
i had them hooked up an receiver. This "thud" is exactly what I am hearing. Kinda of pffft, pffft, instead of a boom. I guess I'll go ahead and contact Berer and see about a replacement if possible.
I put on my DT 990's when I got home tonight and they sound horrible all of a sudden. I have no idea what's wrong. I checked my receiver, sounds card, etc, everything appears to be functioning normally. I was EQ'ing my headphones last night at some pretty high volumes and got the bass up way too high at one point. I'm worried I may have blown a driver or something. Is there a simple way to check this without returning the phones first?
Optical out from both
my thoughts exactly. Head-fi can be a dangerous place. 
I've tried them with three different sources with the same results. I lent them to my buddy who is a producer and mixes studio recordings and he said the treble frequencies were off. He showed me how to eq them down, and it does sound much better, but I'm going to shop around for a new pair. 
Yes, I did and still am considering the Senn's. Someone had a pair of 555's on craiglist for $80 and I put a post up comparing to the Berer's and most people recommended the Berer's. I might pick them up and try them if the has them still. 
  I'm honestly so unhappy with the 990's I'm going to avoid Berer altogether. 
  I was in your exact situation. I have the Xonar DG sound card. It's good, and the dolby headphone is a neat gimmick, but plain old stereo sounds better out of high end headphones. I ended up getting a cheap receiver of craiglist. Outputs up to 480ohms through headphone out and provides silent cinema (yamahas version of dolby headphone). I can connect 3 optical or hdmi sources into it. Honestly, I feel headphone amps are incredibly overprice and overated when you can...
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