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Hello all,   After years of wanting a pair, I have finally decided to take the plunge into the world of CIEM's.   I have been pondering the forums for hours upon hours trying to find a pair that will best suit my needs but I can't decide as there as so many. So far these two have caught my eye; Alclair Tour and the Custom Art EI.3    I listen to house, dubstep, trance, rock and metal. so ill be looking for a warmer sounding signature with deep bass.   Money is no...
Hello all,   I have owned a pair of Shure SE535's for 2 years now and I have thoroughly enjoyed them however, I am looking to finally take the next step and this is for me to buy my first pair of custom IEM's.   The reason to why I started this new thread is because I am looking for quite a particular sound signature and I don't know whether it exists or not in custom IEM'S as i am new to the whole custom IEM game, however I look to change that and begin to slowly add...
Your best bet is to comment that on a YouTube video about these headphones someone will be ale to help you there.
Well I guess just wait for a nice pair to go on special
Your best bet for your budget is to go with in ears
What are the differences in sound, and which one sounds better?       IMMORTALMUSO
price is not a problem for the IEM the problem is trying to find a store that sells it in Perth.
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