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XR came in today. I haven't had a pair of IEMs in months, ever since my heir audio 3.Ai's died   These are fantastic. Isolation is pretty insane as well. I will say that it appears that lower quality recordings suffer, but that isn't a huge deal as most of my library is 320kbps. Microphonics aren't nearly as bad as i heard it was, and the great. 
So besides the increase in bass in the XR over the SR, are there any other substantial differemces between the two? Really unsure which of the two i want, i listen to a lot of hip hop yet i find myself leaning more and more towards neutrality. I started with a pair of hifiman he-400, then went to the hd 650. I love the 650's but i do wish they were a touch more analytical
Great. How are the mids? One of the things i loved most about the HD 650 was definitely the mids
Been looking for some IEMs in the price range of the ER4SR/XR, unsure whether i would like them. My current headphones are the HD650 and i love them, though i do wish the sound was slightly less muddled together. I was leaning towards ER4XR because i do love bass (but not at the detriment of the mids/highs) and the isolation seems fantastic.    Are the ER4XR for me?
Got my pair in, wow these absolutely destroy the HE-400 in everything except for EDM/Trap. Hip hop sounds so much better because of the mids, really anything with male vocals. Unsure whether to sell the HE-400 or to keep them strictly for bassier songs without male vocals (quite specific...)
Ended up getting the HD 650 anyway, might just not sell my HE-400 and use it for more bass heavy music. 
About to pull the trigger on some HD 650's. Coming from the HE-400, what should i expect?   My main problems with the HE-400 were the piercingly sibilant treble and the recessed mids, making me want somewhat of a neutral headphone with a little more bass than completely neutral. I will say i listen to a lot of genres ranging from hip hop to electronic to rock to jazz etc etc. Will be using a schiit m/m stack as well. 
Man this only makes the decision harder lol. I guess it's the question of open vs closed as well as sound signature Though i will say that i was told by Chan that the offer for the $475 teaks ends today and I won't be able to buy anything until wednesday, so i have no idea if i'm even able to buy the teaks 
I remember wanting the hd650 back 4 years ago, when i opted to go for the HE-400 instead. Interesting how things came around really My only worry is I might be setting myself up for disappointment by going from the He-400 to the 650 in terms of bass, as for the most part i really enjoyed the bass of the HE-400, as well as the warmth, which may be weird to say as i said i thought the bass could be too much earlier (i think that might be simply because of the recessed mids...
Definitely was considering those as well. The lowered price is also pretty enticing. Do you know how the pair with a schiit magni/modi stack? Don't plan on upgrading amp/dac anytime soon really Has anyone compared the teaks with either of the senns? I obviously assume they'll be pretty different but I'm just curious
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