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Revision 2, so not the one with the treble issues of revision 3 or the driver issues of revision 1
Yeah i was definitely thinking the TH-X00 was too v shaped upon reviews, however the E-MU Teak seemed to be a little bit closer to balanced because of the more forward mids and slightly less sub bass. Still unsure if I would enjoy the signature though. Thanks for the other recommendations, will look into them.I was looking at the PM-3 earlier, definitely something i was interested in, the only thing worrying to me is the apparent "boring"-ness due to some of the treble...
Looking for some over ears to replace my HE-400, which would technically be a sidegrade however i find the piercing treble and the lack of mids to be not be my taste, though i do love the bass. For sound signature, i owned a pair of sennheiser momentum's and while i enjoyed them, i found the bass too strong compared to essentially everything else. Same goes for the Heir Audio 3.ai IEM i had, which had a v shaped sound signature, which i actually enjoyed but also felt as if...
Really unsure whether to get some teaks or th-x00's....seems from a review over on the headphones subreddit that the e-mu's are clearly better except the fact that they have less pronounced (however more detailed) bass. 
Comes with stock cable (sometimes disconnects, only a problem with the cable and not the headphones), velour pads, unused stock pleather pads, and original box. Paypal only. 8/10 condition used lightly for a few years. 
So i'm thinking of selling my he-400's (400's, not 400i's) for a pair of th-x00. Is this a good idea? I heard it would be more of a sidegrade but what makes me not like the he-400 as much as i could (i still enjoy them a lot) would be the recessed mids and the harsh treble. Would this be alleviated with the th-x00?    Also have the original magni/modi, would these pair well? Idk whether to sell them along with the he-400 or not
Been using my Heir Audio 3.ai for a year now and loving it, and i feel like it's time to upgrade. After getting speakers i haven't really been into the headphone game for awhile, so i need some recommendations for a >$300 pair of iems, with no fixed price but preferable lower than say....$600-700. I'm willing to go higher if it truly is amazing sound (though i understand the law of diminishing returns)   As for what i listen to, i listen to everything from bass heavier...
Listening to the vFree, and while they are clearly not audiophile quality, i like them. Good stuff for portable use, especially for free. Definitely not worth the msrp, however. It feels REALLY cheap, the headband is apparently very fragile.
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