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Been using my Heir Audio 3.ai for a year now and loving it, and i feel like it's time to upgrade. After getting speakers i haven't really been into the headphone game for awhile, so i need some recommendations for a >$300 pair of iems, with no fixed price but preferable lower than say....$600-700. I'm willing to go higher if it truly is amazing sound (though i understand the law of diminishing returns)   As for what i listen to, i listen to everything from bass heavier...
Listening to the vFree, and while they are clearly not audiophile quality, i like them. Good stuff for portable use, especially for free. Definitely not worth the msrp, however. It feels REALLY cheap, the headband is apparently very fragile.
It's fine here seeing as you don't pay anything, but yeah i understand what you mean
Wow, free $300 headphones. Fantastic, i just don't know what color to get them in
Nice catch, it would be really cool if this was real
Bamboo's are out of stock so pretend the $796 price isn't even there.
Anyone know any good sales on active computer speakers?  The airmotiv's are all out of stock and i have no idea what to get...
Don't know if it's been posted, but the Shure 535 is on sale for $440 for the clears, $443 for the bronze   http://www.amazon.com/Shure-SE535-V-High-Definition-MicroDriver-Detachable/dp/B003NSBKT6
i'm praying that soundearphones has another sale on the $500 gift cards
Will try, thanks.
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