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Too bad there's only a digital input
B&H has them. Until I see a review that says they're as good or better than the SR-009s.... Forget it!
What's wrong with it?
No, not necessarily, it's anodized because you can't really clear coat aluminum.
Thanks guys. It's not easy to joke online as it's hard to interpret. I know I'm somewhat "anal retentive" but after spending so much money, I'm being extra cautious I suppose.
Thanks for the worthless comment. If ever I want to waste my time, I'll ask you for advice.
In my Oppo 95 -> Realizer A8 -> PS Audio PWDII DAC -> Woo WES -> Stax SR-009 setup, on 2 occasions there was a clipped signal being fed to the SR-009s. Worried that this may have damaged the drivers in the SR-009.  Would it be audible if damaged?   On a few occasions the Realizer A8 clipped and it sounded like distorted bass in the SR-009s.  It didn't last more than 1sec each time.  I had the volume on the A8 set too high and it clipped on movie scenes with loud...
By stock tubes, I mean the less expensive tubes that Woo offers, as opposed to the optional tubes. I don't think there should be "optional" tubes, but I'm not running Woo. I have never heard of a manufacturer running in their devices. I'm sure Woo doesn't, and I know PS Audio doesn't. I have one of their DACs and power regenerators there is an explicit burn in time requirement - for the customer to do. As to why Woo sent a brand new amp for a review, I agree that was...
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