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Referring to Tyll's review, does anyone have any thoughts on his conclusions for the Woo WES?   I own one, and would be interested in knowing how to improve the shortcoming Tyll describes:        
Great review, thanks for posting!   I am a bit skeptical on where the earspeakers are made, as the answers to this question were quite vague.  But... clearly, they are at least checked and final assembled(?) in Japan.
badhabit, your comments bother me.  I too have the Woo WES and Stax SR-009.   First, you already observed that the RCA inputs on the WES are a joke.  Not worth even talking about due to all the noise they generate.  Woo should not even be promoting this feature on the WES, it's that bad.   Second, you should not be connecting a 3.5mm output into the WES.  The sound quality degradation would make it pointless.  Put it this way - your Woo WES and Stax SR-009 are...
I just noticed on my brand new SR-009s that the black 'felt' material lining the inside of the headphones (covering the electrostatic grills) is loose.  It is not drawn taught against the drivers, and it has come up in some places.  It's totally loose on both sides... is this normal?
  This is not a fair comparison between the WES and 007t/ii.  Unless you've heard both side by side, why bother.
  You'll be blown away by how the Realiser will duplicate your speaker sound.  I got my emulation done in a $100K+ multi-channel room and neither me nor the owner could believe that the speakers were off when we did the A to B comparison.
I have the Stax 009, Woo WES, and Realizer. It's the best audio system, period. But you need to sample a top reference system. Sorry, but doing a PRIR ith a mid-range system is missing the point, as is using it for gaming. Just get the Realiser with the Stax bundle and save yourself $12,000!
"The review concludes that the Kimik amp. is substantially superior" This was not the review's conclusion at all!     Quote:   It was quickly apparent which of the two energisers was better, but if all you had was the basic model in your system we doubt that you’d feel you were missing out on anything you couldn’t live without.  It is important to understand that it is not so much better that it devalues the excellent performance of the standard model, yet you will...
Spritzer (or anyone who has heard both), can you sum up the differences between the SR-009 with the 727 vs the 007tII drivers?I have been reading and searching, but haven't found a comparison...I listen to classical, vocal, jazz...and mostly watch movies on Bluray -- I know, probably not what most 009 owners do.My source is an Oppo 95 with balanced XLR outputs.Many thanks!
Would love to hear advice- Want the best sound possible and to keep the headphones for decades. Budget $7500 (amp and cans) Thinking of the Stax SR-009 and Stax 007tII amp. I listen mainly to movies (Bluray) via the Oppo 95 which I'll connect to the Stax using XLR balanced cables. Don't laugh... I love movies! I also love classical and vocal and some jazz. I guess my main Q is how does the 009 sound with less than ideal content and source and a decent amp? (it's clear...
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