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I would think having a BHSE there is mandatory not optional. How can you do a proper shoutout without one?!
Justin, can you comment on how components have changed (eg, using one brand of cap vs another), over the build lots? Is this current lot using the same component brands that you used for the previous runs?
 So where is your review?!
Too bad there's only a digital input
B&H has them. Until I see a review that says they're as good or better than the SR-009s.... Forget it!
What's wrong with it?
No, not necessarily, it's anodized because you can't really clear coat aluminum.
Thanks guys. It's not easy to joke online as it's hard to interpret. I know I'm somewhat "anal retentive" but after spending so much money, I'm being extra cautious I suppose.
Thanks for the worthless comment. If ever I want to waste my time, I'll ask you for advice.
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