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My BHSE arrived last week and I've had a few nights of listening.     It's hard to compare back to back, as I sold my previous electrostatic amp, a Woo WES, 1.5 years ago to prepare for the 'imminent' arrival of the BHSE.  I almost cannot believe it's actually here, in my media room, sitting on my custom-built shelf.   The quality is top top tier. I don't think you will find any better quality of components out there - from the way the switches feel to the look of the...
Wow, your computer consumes 750W! Bitcoin mining? 
 Yes, the big difference is the output - 750 VA (720 Watts) in the P3 and 1250 VA (1200 Watts) in the P5.  And the P5 features seem to be longer, i.e., I don't see the 10X lower distortion claim on the P3; but not sure if that's just an omission in the marketing material. For $1K, I would get the P5 for the output difference alone. The BHSE consumes a good 300W by itself.  
 Not a good idea.  UPSs restrict current, which will reduce the dynamic range. I have my BHSE connected to a PS Audio P5 A/C regenerator.  You can connect a backup battery to that, but I don't think it's necessary as the P5 will provide surge and voltage fluctuation is not an issue.
My 2c on your setup - reduce your cord lengths! 25' and running the signal through switches is damaging the purity of the signal. Think of all the trouble Justin went through to select the best components.You wouldn't watch a 4K movie from 25' away, even though it would still look great.
No need to burn in and adjust bias. Justin does that before shipping.
THank you for this. But why no BHSE in the comparison?  This is the reigning 'champ' when paired with the SR-009… so it would have been important to include it.
Really? You really think extension cables don't degrade the sound quality because they are made by Stax?!Every time you increase the length and even more troubling, add another connection you are degrading the sound quality. Especially with an analog amplified signal.
Wouldn't do that -- you're degrading the sound and possibly negating the benefits of better cables upstream.
Don't understand the "painful price" comments at all. Priced a Woo Audio, Head Amp, Cavalli, or any other high end headphone amp for that matter?? $5-6K is the norm, and those amps don't have a built in DAC, or speaker amp. And there's no brand name there to speak of, vs a McIntosh. This amp is a downright bargain!!
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