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I have been using mine with an iPad Pro (large screen). No issues with distortion - just keep the iPad volume at ~75%.   However, even the slightest movement will cause microphonic ringing... I knew about this before I ordered, but I didn't know it was quite so sensitive. Your really have to be motionless to avoid any ringing.   Also, the company does not answer ANY emails. NONE. I asked about ordering the new DAC board. I asked about charging current. Nothing. Even...
Hi, is it still available?
So, for what it's worth, coming from someone who has a SR-009/BHSE AND an all Kondo Japan 4 way field coil horn system (which alone cost about 50k Euros)... headphones simply don't come close to what a top end speaker system will do.    So I would never buy the new Senn system. It's just not worth the price.    The SR-009/BHSE system makes sense because for "only" $10K, you can audio quality that would cost at least 2X to get in a speaker system (plus room treatments,...
Is there an actual owners' forum for the 234?
 Many people think otherwise. Certainly the PS Audio people do - but you could argue they are biased and are trying to sell their own power regenerators.Search online though and you'll see that PS Audio is not alone. I certainly wouldn't use a simple surge protector on high end audio equipment.  My recc is to plug the amp especially directly into the wall outlet and compare.
Has anyone experimented with different fuses in the power supply of the BHSE?   One of mine blew and since I need to replace it anyway, thought I would look into the cryo treated, etc. fuses.   (I learned a few years ago that everything in the electrical signal's path will affect the sound… audio and video is just your incoming AC converted to sound and picture.)
 Congrats on your BHSE. I got mine a few months ago and loving it. Now is that a standard (low cost) power bar you have everything plugged into?  If so, you should remove that and plug your gear directly into the wall.  Low cost power supplies reduce the current as power demands increase, thereby constraining your dynamics.  Not a good thing at all. If you don't want to use a high end power conditioner (e.g Shunyata) or regenerator (e.g., PS Audio), no power bar is...
Really?! You try reading it instead of posting a condescending remark.
Any chance we can learn what tubes David1961 is using is his bhse that make it sound so much better than stock, apparently?
Very odd - optical should not sound better than usb.Optical is restricted to a much lower sampling frequency. I believe no higher than a standard CD.You're probably comparing different recordings?Or the Mac USB input has some kind of inferior processing vs the optical.Or the source is corrupting the usb out.Or there's interference on the USB cable.
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