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Really?! You try reading it instead of posting a condescending remark.
Any chance we can learn what tubes David1961 is using is his bhse that make it sound so much better than stock, apparently?
Very odd - optical should not sound better than usb.Optical is restricted to a much lower sampling frequency. I believe no higher than a standard CD.You're probably comparing different recordings?Or the Mac USB input has some kind of inferior processing vs the optical.Or the source is corrupting the usb out.Or there's interference on the USB cable.
I shared similar feelings. What I gleaned through emails and a few calls with Justin, is that he cares and is a perfectionist. So you'll be getting a high high quality piece. And I wouldn't worry that he won't deliver. Be prepared to wait up to 2 years, I'd say, and it will come within that time. In terms if spares- I don't know enough to provide specifics, but justin already finds it difficult to source some parts. I don't know but isn't that a cause for future concern?
The answer you're looking for doesn't exist. Be prepared to wait -- for an uncertain period of time.When I ordered mine in spring of 2013, I was told it would be shipping in July of that year!I just got it a few weeks ago. So it's been a "little" late.But I still love it and don't regret it at all.I just hope there will be enough spare parts for the bhse owners. I've asked Justin what the plan is in this regard, but haven't gotten a response.Can any bhse owners chime in on...
I use a PS Audio P5 AC regenerator and have a low end Shunyata cord connecting it to the BHSE.I have not compared the sound with and without the P5 for the bhse specifically, but the P5 made a significant difference with the rest of my gear, so it can only improve the bhse.
The Woo WES is an example of an amp that is unusable with unbalanced inputs. I used to own one, and there was way too much noise and a kind of hum when using the RCA inputs. Jack Woo sent me new tubes but it wasn't that. The design just doesn't work with single ended inputs, it's mislieading to even have them.Anyway, the BHSE sounds great with either input. What I have noticed is that there is zero noise with the balanced inputs (volume at max, no source playing), and...
Yes, my BHSE is noise free. It's actually the most noise free amp I've ever owned.I can turn the volume to the max and hear the faintest noise above 3 o'clock.Perhpas you have one or more bad tubes?
Just want to be clear that it was entirely my fault.  Just letting you know to be careful with the Stax jacks on your new BHSE.   I have now designed a 'strain relief' for the headphone cord, so that it will not put and undue force on the jack.
They are black jacks. I recall reading in this thread that Justin no longer uses Stax jacks, as they are not available? I didn't apply a lot of force- I got up from my couch (the amp is above and behind me), and as I did so, the Stax cord got pulled down, and this put downward pressure on the jack.
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