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yeah, the right driver on mine died too. 
Beats are mainstream.    Sennheiser is a cult's cult.
 I'm sure Matt isn't paid too. I do think that Mr. Speakers has been replaced as audiophile/Head-Fi flavor-of-the-month by Focal though.
   Comparing how two headphones sound against each other is not the way to go if you want to see how accurate each headphone is-the best way is to compare each headphone with the original recording. One way of doing that is by recording each headphone through a binaural microphone, like Tyll Herstens does, and comparing the recording with the original .wav or .mp3. This will reveal which frequencies are lacking/boosted. I don't know if Tyll actually listens to the...
  The XS was a screaming disappointment to me...........I haven't heard a decent soundstage on a V-Moda headphone since the M-80
  I'm talking mainly about how the sound doesn't seem to spread out much on the M100. Without proper EQ'ing? Yeah, pretty much. EQ'ing the M100 to me would be pretty much like polishing a turd. Not worth it.  Beats headphones that I compared the M-100 to was the Solo 2, the Studio 1.0, the Mixr, and the Studio 2.0 The best sounding V-moda to me by far was the M-80. 
 I've done it, really prefer the stock tuning-smooth as silk!
It should. I believe thing same thing happened to 2 others in this thread and they got theirs replaced.
Nighthawk headband is possibly the best I've ever owned as far as a durability and comfort combination. It's never shown the slightest bit of wear and tear over time and I'm extremely tough on headphones.   Glaring durability issues with the cable and the ear cups however.    The 1st or 2nd day I had them the cable was damaged after light use. I mentioned that earlier in this thread. I've gotten other cables since then and this may have been solved with the NH Carbon...
  AFAIK, Hifiman is not bending on the on-ear marketing and are locked into it, so they don't think they're marketing it falsely.
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