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 I have over 60 pairs of headphones........HE-500's, TH 600's, and Ultrasones among them. Soon I'll have Alpha Dogs. "Plug in your own source!" the store displays say. I love the sound of my TH600's for example. However, if you put them on a smartphone in a store without a headphone amp, a lot of listeners will pick Beats over them.I've seen it happen. Many times. Of course I put the TH600's on a Schiit Asguard or better and they're ready to throw the Beats in a...
 You do realize you've agreed with all I said *except* listening at lower levels? "They think strong bass & loud = good or ideal sound."  I said marketing gets Beats demoed, so it does play a part, but once people have listened they only know what they like. Beats are the loudest cans out for portable listening and I defy anyone to prove otherwise.
Beats since inception were louder than any other headphone out and designed for portable listening. If you connect Sennheiser, Bose, or any other headphone to a smartphone it will not be as loud as Beats. To the general public demoing headphones in a store by connecting them to his or her smartphone, any other headphone will sound thin and weak compared to Beats. This is why Beats have flown off the shelves, and this is what "audiophiles" don't understand.    Because...
 Depends on your listening volume from source. If you're listening at max volume, then the XS is very harsh and abrasive in the highs and upper mids, also you lose a lot of bass. But if you listen at lower levels things warm up considerably. Isolation is not as good as the M-100, but only slightly worse. They can sound a bit tinny if you're coming from the M-100.   Stick with the M-100's until you find something better.
got the XS yesterday and very impressed with the sound. Isolation is great, but leakage is a bit more than I'd like. Best sounding V-Moda headphone to date imo, but of course, that's my opinion.
Really on the fence about these..........I want to love them sooooooooo bad because of the custom shields and durability. But V-Moda's whole line of headphones have a really bad, closed in soundstage when I compare them to others in that price range and below. Is the XS an improvement there or pretty much the same soundstage as the M-100?
Marshall Major FX 50 sounds better than the M-100 for half the price. Better soundstage to my ears than the M-100, Absolutely brilliant sounding headphone.
Momentums have a better soundstage than the M-100's. M-100's have more highs and can also get a bit harsh at high volumes, but have more punch for your harder genres. I don't really like the Momentums for rock and rap to be honest, but someone else may feel differently.     I don't think of either as an all-rounder type of headphone; M-100 when you want to bang and Momentum when you want it smooth. 
You do NOT need a DAC. The Galaxy Note 2 sounds HORRIBLE coming out the box. I heard no clarity and instrument separation at all. I looked around the net and found these settings helped tremendously:          Of course you can make changes as you see fit, and the E11 will work fine, but if you don't use these settings or something similar your phone will sound terrible.
Marshall Monitor has a great soundstage for a closed back headphone and will leak almost nothing. They also have great extremely clean bass:
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