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I asked the question 1st! Name the categories, lol
A lot of online graphs are inaccurate because of the use of each site's personal "curve", that's why they differ from each other.     And as far as sibilance goes, if you go by inner fidelity's graph that shows a 10k peak, well that is actually out of the "rough treble" range because stridence is in the 2-4k range and sibilance is in the 5-8k range. a 10k peak that you mentioned wouldn't come up as treble, that would be "air" and...
Actually the bass of the HD600 is rolled off, making the mids appear more up front. I've run 32 headphones through a binaural microphone and compared them with the original audio file, here is the HD600 and the original file: https://www.hightail.com/download/ZWJWanZzTkxRR2N3anNUQw HD650 has rolled off bass AND treble also when I compare it to the original audio file, so it should sound a bit smoother than the HD600. 
 What other category matters?
This is one of the most underrated amps I've seen
No, they're kind of a funny shape so I haven't even thought about it, going to try now though, wish me luck! *edit* Hmmm, seems I have a very small selection of on ear pads so going to have to delay that while I order some
  I have both the Objective 2 and the Magni 2 Uber and given the choice I'd pick the Magni 2 Uber because of overall better build quality and more power. Both are great though.
There were a LOT of defective EL-8s released last year with screeching treble and that's where the "bad" reports came from. Some were even demo units. I have both the EL-8 and the Sine.......EL-8 has more treble and less bass so some may prefer that tuning as it is a more high end tuning, however the Sine has smoother treble and more bass so it has a warmer presentation. The Sine is also very light compared to the EL-8 which is definitely a heavy headphone.
  Love my Carbon also and I think the Spark beats it.
Common mistake but listening on car speakers is old school engineering 101...........that's where the truth comes out, lol
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