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 Not wow-OWWW as in OUCH! Too much treble. These velour pads: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Brainwavz-Replacement-Memory-Foam-Earpads/dp/B00MFDX4YO/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1464649700&sr=8-1&keywords=brainwavz+velour+pads
 There IS no logic-especially with me because I have 40+ headphones, including several with that high end tuning already...........it was just fun playing around with it. I know, i know, it's probably the pinnacle of stupidity.....
 Proof of this is at all headphone events and meets, Ether C is a demo headphone of probably 80% of the amp manufacturers' tables.........and the reason it's not 100% is some of the amp companies make their own headphones!
Yes I guess, but once the headphone is bought everyone has a right to tune the sound to their preference and I'll tell you one thing, I've never heard a more EQ friendly headphone.    This particular tuning I'm not that fond of, I must admit, but it sure was fun fiddling around with different settings. And once I reverted back to no EQ, things were sooooooooooooo smooth!
  I've found the complete opposite. 
owowowowow, sibilance!   Tried Dale Thorn's settings with Jriver 1st and man, just can't boost 1k 12db like that!!!:       That was the reason I got rid of the HD800 though. Soundstage expansion? Hmmm, yeah but I don't have my HD800 anymore to compare. Pretty big though. I think this tuning was made for people with low to moderate listening levels.......   On another note I tried a similar tuning with iTunes EQ and switched to Brainwaves velour pads, which also...
I got mine off Amazon for £159 but the price has already gone up to £189. 
  Parrot Zik case. Haven't tried it with the cables attached but it looks like a pretty tight fit so I wouldn't suggest it.
Looks like a tight fit though, I wouldn't trust it-a few too many bumps and you could get shorts
That is a truly beautiful sight. I have an artist in Chicago that wanted to rock a pair in his music video, I told him the price and he asked if he could get a pair without the drivers and innards, lol.
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