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I don't think the Sine is anywhere near being a fashion headphone-it's plain black and from a distance it looks like a pair of $20 cheapies-which isn't a bad thing at all if you're doing public transit.
 I didn't realize this, thanks.   The purpose of my sig is to show what gear I own and have experience with. I also prefer to read some sigs so I don't wrongfully assume someone is clueless about something he may be well aware of.
  Nobody reads my sig:(  I have HD650, some pretty hard to drive headphones, and also have some very capable desktop amps and the Mojo is pretty much great with everything. 
The 1st one includes a 128 micro SD and an RCA connection kit, I guess somebody figures that's worth an extra $1000......
It's pretty hard for me to believe the Mojo is incapable of driving *any* non electrostatic headphone, much less the NH. NH is plenty loud just from my phone....
 Isolation seems to be just what you described. 
 You didn't burn them in enough. Sound quality is in the $700+ range to me, they scale very well.
Oppo PM-3 on an AK Jr.
Seems James has painted himself into a corner-going to be some serious nerd rage going down if that update isn't out in 29 days. I still applaud Fiio for having a rep endure all our whining-no other DAP has one as active as James and Fiio has had 6 updates so I'm sticking with them
120 hous of burn in and counting on new AKG K872 GS-X mk2 making both sound great!
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