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I experience a bit of lack of volume with Cipher cable also, mine is American. Also at max volume it crackles
  I was telling someone today that I thought Edition S had more clarity than my PM-1 and a bigger soundstage (with covers off)
I think about $ 90
I asked Vesper audio to make some thick thick THICK velour Earpads for my Sine and this is what they made: I asked for 3cm thick pads..........I'm noticing an increased soundstage but a volume drop and a slight loss of mids. I think I'll ask for 2cm velours next and also some 2cm leathers.
If for a female, get the Monitor, I get it for female family because it's almost unbreakable
I have the Dragonfly Red and while it's better than Cipher out of iPad/iPhone there's a huge volume drop out of Android devices. Some have solved this problem but I haven't.
This is a very portable headphone and yes, i listen to it on flights all the time-I fly at least twice aa week (6 flights last week)   Sonically it's better than 99% of the portable headphones I've heard so I think Audeze has done a great job. Evidently others agree with me because it's the #1 headphone in the portable thread.    It has flaws but every headphone has flaws. Audeze has had SERIOUS durability problems in the past with some of their headphones but that's...
I've found another factor when EQ'ing headphones that screws everything up-ear canal and pinnae size.   I built a binaural microphone. Recorded over 40 headphones and analyzed frequency responses:     My first design had much smaller pinnae and ear canals:     But when I switched to my present design, with larger pinnae and deeper ear canals, not only did the frequency responses for all 40 plus headphones change, but there were also soundstage...
Well, I never use my Sine at home..........only when I'm traveling or moving, so it's definitely portable for me. Isolation is not the best but leakage is sensational. Cipher cable not much of an improvement sonically for me over the normal cable but for phone calls and Siri it's great. People that are saying the Cipher cable is a must have item and radical improvement over the normal cable have active imaginations. The Sine is plenty durable-I toss mine around many times...
Cipher cable volume is higher than normal cable-but only slightly. Certainly not 2-3 times higher and most definitely doesn't take the "Sine to another level". The only use it has for me is making phone calls and using Siri
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