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I tried the mod also but it seems to take some of the "air" away for me. 
 Those instructions are for the LCD series headphones, the Sine ear pads come off super easy-you just pull them off. You don't need any tools.
  You're probably right and the distributor told me the DAC chip to simplify. 
I was told by a distributor that it's a supply issue with the DAC chips of the Cipher cable-Apple makes the chips and they weren't making them fast enough.  There were definitely Cipher cables sold separately; I know this because I bought one from Moon Audio: 
200 hours of burn in and the harshness should be gone
Has anyone tried both the ZMF pads and the Alpha Pads? Because Alpha pads increase the bass for me significantly and I mean significantly to the point where I can't even imagine something increasing the bass more.    If ZMF pads increase the bass more than Alpha Pads I'd like to know.
Going by my experience with an out of phase cable, I couldn't even EQ bass in without distorting
 And that's exactly what happened to me. I don't subscribe at all to the theory of cable quality changing the sound-even slightly. However, when I compared my Ether C to other Ether Cs with Mark Dolbear something was definitely different about mine. Rob Watts commented on it 1st when I was testing Chord gear at the Headroom London 2016 event.  My Ether C had absolutely no bass.  At 1st I though it may have been the adapter but upon further investigation Mark confirmed it...
 Agreed, but my cable was actually broken and I lost ALL bass because of it. Rob Watts from Chord 1st heard it, also Tom Francis from Scan.co.uk, then Mark Dolbear from from Electromod confirmed it. I recorded samples with a binaural mic and sent it to Dan, and he replaced the cable. Case solved, bass returned. Any cable from Mr. Speakers will do, DUM and stock cables both work fine for me. My cable didn't have bass because it was broken. I'm a DJ and I'm extremely tough...
Not the adapter..........the cable. And also Alpha Pads. I've been there. NO bass. Fixed it. Happy camper now.
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