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DAC wouldn't make a difference. Urbanite XL bass cracks when you push the volume, the On Ear Urbanite is much louder and is fine at max volume. Fiio E6, at about $40 is pretty good for Urbanite XL
Hifiman 400S headphones for $299 Pioneer HRM-7 for $200 Sony MDR 1-A for $250 Yamaha HPH MT-220 for $230 I have Magni-Modi and Aune T1 mk2 tube DAC/amp sounds better than that combo.
  Wasn't saying the Alpha's had bad leakage. I heard the Ether C's at Can Jam London but didn't get a chance to check the leakage. 
If you need closed i would think you're looking for Mr. Speakers Ether C, but it's not out until October.
Also look into the Pioneer HRM-7-biggest soundstage you'll hear in a headphone under $300. Costs about $200
   The MT-220 is stressing my ears with the original pads. I switched to Alpha pads and now everything is fine, with increased soundstage. They sound very expensive now.   The Alpha Pads increased the distance between my ears and the drivers, so i didn't need to stuff gauze. Of course, your way is $58 cheaper so it's the better option:)
  Well, the Alpha pads are way thicker and way softer, like pillows, very comfortable. The Technics pads are thin and hard.  The Alpha Pads give a bigger soundstage and spacing. The Technics pads bring everything to the front and give greater clarity-to the bass, mids, everything
Hi Dan, how's the leakage on these compared to the Alpha Dogs and Primes? If it's gotten better these are automatically my go-to portable cans. 
I've used Alpha Pads on Yamaha MT220's, JVC SZ 2000's, Audioquest Nighthawks, and it increased the soundstage on all of them.    I put these ear pads http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00TCP34ZW?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00  on a pair of Monster Adidas and turned them into my best sounding portables. There was a volume increase and tightened bass. The highs got clearer and more defined and the mids were more upfront. The only problem was the pads...
You need to smooth highs and mids if you like to play music at max volume like I do. They go through my ears like harpoons without the Alpha Pads.
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