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  I always hated the fact that they had leather earpads because my ears got sweaty really quick :(
Which vmoda's do you have? If not the m80's then get those. Also were you not impressed by the sound of the miles davis headphones? I used to love my pair.
My top wants for the m100's:   1. DT 1350 like bass, but stronger. 2. Smooth mids and highs. 3. foldable design that fits in a case no bigger than the m80's case. 4. A higher ohm headphone. 5. Blue color option. 6. Option to use plush earpads.
Can anyone here who has the htc one x comment on its sound quality? After the disappointment that was the announcement of the s3 and its 4.8 in pentile crap I am planning to get the phone and want to get an idea of what to expect.
I always thought that the p5's sounded a little too dark, but I always loved the fact that sibilance was nonexistant in them.
I really do hope that b&w does what vmoda did and significantly improve the sound quality for the m80. These look sexy and classy. I like that they moved from leather because my ears were sweating when I used the p5's. I can't wait to listen to them!!!
I am personally a firm android user and was wondering if the e11 would go well with the m100's? I currently use the e11 with my m80's and they sound much better using the amp then just using the phone.
I have experience with the monster miles davis, dt1350, vmoda m80, and the klipsch x10.   The miles davis is a sweet and smooth sounding headphone. No harsh highs no sibilance and a very refined bass and a nice soundstage.    The dt1350 has this bass which is very tight but something I am addicted to. That tight punch in its bass is unrivaled by any of the other headphones I have tried. Also I am surprised as these being a closed dynamic headphone they have no...
I made a recent review of the vmoda m80. I am really new at this type of things but here is my try at it. I am pretty new at the audiophile scene but I tried my best.    
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