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pm sent. Trade for a klipsch x10 + $50 (not the $40 I said in the pm by accident)
The phone is one of the sexiest phones that i have held proud in my hands. Also the one x for AT&T which is the one i have is really different than the one x international version including sound quality and it has a dual core snapdragon s4 which uses a 28nm process meaning it's faster and cooler than any other phone out atm.
pm sent.
try using the sony hybrid tips I use them for all of my iem purchases I had ever made. Also try the m80's they sound amazing and would go great with jazz. 
i still got 50gb from dropbox and i barely have 3gb of music 320kbps-flac and i rarely keep my old music. Also i just got the phone and am impressed so far. The sq, using my vmoda m80's, is just as good as my old 4s if not better. Also the phone itself is smooth and fun to use :-) 
But the one x for att uses the s4 soc so it should have a totally different sound chip ;-)
Also the one x for att might share the same audio as the one s which even beat the 4s' sound quality (gsm arena).
Kova I am talking through experience. I had the galaxy note and the galaxy nexus. I didn't like either of their screen. Compared to my nitro, the pen tile screens would show grainy blues, reds, purples, etc... green and light blue were the only colors where I didn't have that issue.
I am asking about sound quality.
Why not sony's mdr z1000? They look nice and sleek, and sound amazing!
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