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Which m100 should I go for? I am a guy and can't really decide I am going with the NY logo.   Shadow vmoda's with ocean blue shields (what I purchased currently),   or White vmoda's with regular blue shields.   Any other idea's?
Are you sure? Amazon and almost everyone seems to have them in stock and are selling them   op do these sound "Sweet" (lush vocals) or dry?
incase anyone cares
Can't wait for these. My back to school shopping starts with these then the other stuff. So many beats in my hs so need to get more vmoda followers these are the ones. I got all of my cousins to jump on the m80 bandwagon. Thanks a lot val for the continuous headfi support. For its price/performance/style ratio they were unparalleled and I hope I can hope for the best with the m100's. Now there are rumors about the revolver headphones and I feel as if they are possibly...
owning the m80's i can say that the mids and highs felt lacking.when compared to the miles.davis tributes. the 2 sound similar but the m80's just felt dry compared to the mdt. the bass oth was just amazing and soundstsge was really.good for a pair of semi open on ears.
Similarly priced to the monster md tributes, the klipsch x10's were much worse.
The m80's have better bass and soundstage than the MDT but the MDT has sweeter mids and more detailed highs it has this weight to its signature that i really like. I was really hoping for these to have a sound similar to the MDT but with tighter and punchier bass. The m100 is my last hope
can someone compare the 600's to the vmoda m80's and monster miles davis tributes. How sweet is the sound coming from these and is are the mids smooth and are these sibilant free?
So for headfi members all of us will have a chance to get one of the first 50-100? Or is it limited to just some of the members?
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