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No more delays!!!!! I need to get them before oct.
Will vmoda ship these out overnight or will they do it depending on which shipping choice we made? I do think since we preordered these as loyal fans they should overnight them to us.
You guys shouldn't care for wp8 devices. All of them will use the infamous (for audiophiles) s4 chip which is atrocious compared to the iphone and galaxy s3 w/wolfson.
Galaxy s3 with siyah + eargasm.
When non-audiophile calls something bright I instantly think them mean more detail. I had people call my miles davis tributes, and B&W p5's "Bright" they oth had beats solo's. What I have noticed a lot is that the beats solos are the muddiest and most disgusting sounding headphones that people own and always use them as reference to "Neutral headphones" even some reviewers do which is why I wouldn't trust anyone who isn't an audiophile to review headphones. Also the fact...
Now I am getting a bit pissed off this went from July 4th to mid august to early september to freaking august now??? Come on what's up with that.  
Or you can wait to see what sony brings with its 2012 flagship mint phone ;) So far it has the best screen (whitemagic w/ 4 subpixels), best camera with a stacked 13mp camera sensor w/hdr video. I also expect it to have high end sony walkman sound quality as well.   Oh and also iPhone = overpriced and as apple shows in its ads, meant for dumb folks.
Wow over 24 hours and not one post :O anyways this July release date has been pushed back so much I am really hoping to get them before school starts on sept. 6th come on val!!! Anyways I got to borrow the m80s I got my cousin and damn they sound great with my s3 w/Wolfson DAC. Can't wait to use my m100'swith them and by then hopefully voodoo sound releases for the s3
I don't know about that... the m100's are white and black and they have rounded edges. When you stretch the head band it also has the patented bounce back effect. WHAT A BLATENT COPY!!! If I put an iPhone next to one of the cups of the vmoda's I'm sure people will think that I have a couple of iPhones on my ears Anyways my Samsung Galaxy s3 is ready to give juice to these sexy babies. Can't wait!!!p.s. are the lawers that stupid??? Thats an iphone 3g/3gs not the iphone 4.
Here are a few examples:   I genuinely like the white/blue shields/and grey pads
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