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Yes but keep limit. Also take out your headphones, restart the phone, and a mimute later plug them back in and enjoy
Negative digital gain to 12, Headphone amp 63, eq to Eargasm
I don't know why but I feel like we have been played with numerously with either the release date or the ship date. The starting was with the date of July 4th. Then we were told not so fast and that vtf would let us few preorder. Then we got to pre order them with no shipping date and a time frame of 45 days. Oh how well that went. Then we were told of magical day of the 21st which was a no go. Then a couple of week later Val said everything is good and that we can vote...
What hurts most is that val has come to new york on 2 occasions and well I live so close and it just hurts that it's been delayed so much and that its also being shipped from across the country from cali. via ground. I was hoping on bringing these to comic con but that won't be happening
WTF So now what boom mic's delayed the monday shipment!?!?!?! Then next week packaging delay, week after that another bs delay??? We went from a july 4th launch- a mid august ship- an early sept ship- a freaking early-mid october ship date??? Come on with the freaking delays holy ****!!!!!
SO dope means good?
Great so another delay?!?!?!?
I've got this smexy eargasmed galaxy s3 w/wolfson and nothing to listen to it with :(
I was able to get my vtf's custom shields changed to the midnight blue color :D oth it seems to me that they might not get shipped until oct. since the shields haven't even been engraved yet 
I hate that vmoda added the midnight blue shields last minute :( I contacted customer support to go from blue to midnight blue they are just SEXY with the white m80's and will be perfect for my m100's. Hopefully they will change the order!
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