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I still don't know why you like to support apple so much but for someone on head-fi who probably thinks beats are overpriced, you like to support them a lot. All i'm trying to say is that apple is loosing their status as being innovative and is using monopolistic ways to kill competitors. My other issue with apple is that they are lagging behind on software, making way too much profit, hoarding over $130 billion in the bank, and not putting more $ in r&d. I used to love...
Ok apple lost in every other country except the U.S. THAT should be saying something. If you like capitalism then you hate apple otherwise you support a monopolistic apple. Apple will NOT become a trillion $ company. Also apple has a value of 514 billion thats only 1/2 of the way and I don't see them getting any bigger since android and win 8 are competing their way past apple. I let my wallet do the talking and that's by NOT buying apple so I just don't complain. I own:...
No the iphone is an innovation where it changed the field (now which apple itself is lagging behind caring more about frivolous lawsuits than r&d); this is gimmicky at best and isn't much different from what I showed. Sensors etc aren't much better than flipping a switch. Unless apple thinks it's consumers are idiots (which they already do with their "Genius" ads), and wouldn't know when their headphones are in speaker mode or...
Innovation my ASS I see a recent trend in which apple likes to patent things out on the market that have no recognition so no one can call their bluff.
are the 100's worth the extra $110 vs the ue6000? I am planning on returning them for the ue's if I don't get a buyer from ebay.
Well the last time i heard the studios were a year ago so my mind by now must have changed. The dt1350 imo had just as much punch as my crossfaded did when i had them. The dt1350 has this unique bass that i had really been acustomed to. Financial and earpain issues led me to sell them. I guess i will try the ue's and sonys at apple/sony store to get a better idea vs the m100's
I don't know why but I am not really into the bass that vmoda delivers. For some reason I really like the bass from headphones like the dt1350, and hell even the beats studio but not the m80/m100's. I love vmoda's, unrivaled to my ears, mid and high signatures but the bass just doesn't give me that sound that I am looking for. How does the bass signature of the ue6000/ue9000, sony x10, and sony mdr-1r's compare to these.
I experience purring on the m100's with my intl galaxy s3-siyah kernel-eargasm.
From ny and got tracking from my account. edit: just got an email as well.
Order status shipped w/tracking but no email
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