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IMO price/sound wise I give the ue's the win. akg's sound too harsh and the vmoda's bass is not as good as the ue's.
IMO sound is very very subjective. Sure to my ears the ue 6000 has better bass but its a bit bloated compared to the Akg but my ears like bloated bass and rolled off highs but the vocals are much better on the ue6000's. Also to my ears edm was way to harsh on the akg's.
Well my other issues are comfort build quality noise isolation and leakage which the ue6000's trump the akg's in. Just different opinions. The warmth sound of the ue's are much more to my liking and like miow said the sound of the ue's is sleep inducing thus being my bedtime phones as well
So after a couple of days I am deciding to sell the akg's. I am not an audiophile per se but I do like to hear headphones with details while being smooth as well. While the beats disgust me, The akg's are way too rough on my ears vs the ue6000's. I had the m100's too but their bass signature was not to my liking as is the ue6000's while their highs and mids were still better and just as smooth if not more. For edm I still am in favor of the ue6000's vs. the akg. Also...
Also I feel as if vocals are more shrill compared to the ue6000's am I right regarding this? I like sweet and smooth headphones after burn in can they be to my liking vs the ue6000's?
For edm fans I will recommend the ue6000's over these. The ue has better bass imo and sounds smoother. This is an initial impression. Can anyone tell me if bass becomes more prominent after burn in?
how do these compare with the ue6000, dt1350, and the vmoda m100's? I got these for $160 on ebay (too good of a price to pass up) and have had all 3 previously listed.
How do these compare against the ue6000? Can anyone comment on the bass of these vs the ue's and dt1350's
Will a 1.2v AAA rechargeable effect the sound in any way vs a 1.5v AAA with the ue6000's?
Apple products and android products are the scum of the gaming world btw. No buttons and low priced toilet games are really ******* up the console space.
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