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i realized that the eq function is via the amp of the e17. thats why i cant get the bass and treble functions to work
waste of money as i am a bass head and always use the bass and treble functions which the e09k doesnt have plus it's too big for portable use.
Thanks a lot for the help and thats fine my input i always optical or usb so im good to buy that and sell my e09k? Im really upset I spent money on it before asking!
my e17's usb slot broke and I was wondering if i could use the l7 to i guess replace it so i can use it with my computer again?
I have a droid DNA and with an fiio e17 otg the battery dies way too rapidly. Usb charge is even off. Is this normal?
anything that I don't have to mod? I just want something that works straight out of the box.
I bought the droid dna but I dislike its audio quality. I had an s3 with wolfson dac and I loved the sq it brought to the table. I was wondering what dac I could connect to my dna to make it sound better than the s3. My price limit is $150. The headphones I am using are the ue 6000's. 
would a ibasso d4 work with a galaxy s3 intl. with 4.1.2?
i want a portable dac/amp to go with my i9300 and ue6000 headphones that's under $150. Any suggestions? I am thinking of getting the xperia z soon so I want a dac that can give me better sound with the z than I can get with the s3 w/ wolfson dac. 
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